In this masterclass, I’ll tell you how to:

Step 1

Plan and research your niche, topic, and target audience. Match them up and find a course market fit.

Step 2

Develop your course outline and set learning outcomes. You’ve got to give your audience’s pain points some solutions.

Step 3

Set up, shoot and edit your course - or pick a time and just go live!

Step 4

Launch your course, exhaust tactics to earn paying learners, and finally show them what you’ve got!

Not to brag, but my masterclass has created a MASSIVE impact in a short amount of time

Before even creating this masterclass, I had clocked in hundreds of hours just guiding experts on how to set out on their course creation journey. What that has brought in is INSIGHTS, so many of them, and they’re all included in this masterclass.
  • This masterclass saves you hours of trouble on things like; how to prepare, record, and launch your course and I won't be surprised by the fact that the people who took this masterclass increased their sales.

    Sophia T
  • Very insightful! Every minute spent on this masterclass is rewarding. There is so much to learn, so many gaps were identified which I can now fill. It also helped me realize how important the process is and how every little thing impacts the sales of your course.

    Ananya A
  • Hilal, the webinar expert, has a mind for marketing and growth. The strategies discussed in this class are very useful. I believe these strategies can easily provide you a competitive edge over others when you're launching your course. Worth it!

    Enlai C
  • I'm usually not very excited about masterclasses but this class was really helpful. Launching a course looks very easy but it isn't, because of the different elements we are overlooking while creating and launching our course. Super helpful, saved me a lot of time and confusion.

    Ronald D


Courses Launched


People enrolled


Course Sales increased


Expert made in total sales


Various experts around the world are charging an arm and a leg for entrance into course creation classes. I’ve packed in everything you need to know in these 30 minutes. The essentials are inside, for ZERO dollars.

Why? I want to give each one of you the chance to learn and share your talents with your communities and audience. Airschool, too, is about giving that chance - which is why the platform has ZERO upfront costs.

This masterclass is especially for

Digital creators You love making content, your audience loves your content, now all that’s left is to share how you got there with your people.

Subject-matter experts You know about your field much more than others do. It’s true - they come and ask you. And because of that you feel you should take yourself public and share on a larger scale.

Existing instructors You’re working online, or perhaps you want to make the move to online courses. Not only can Airschool give you free tools to start up but provide you with the foresight to build your online school and course.

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Grab this valuable bonus as you set forth on your masterclass journey. My teammates and I have invested our thoughts and learnings into creating these for the sole purpose: to help build your course from the ground up, especially if it’s your first time doing it.

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