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You Are Hired - Improve Your Resume & Prepare For Interview

by Waqar Ali
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I have interviewed thousands of people in my entire career and there are two major reasons that I wouldn't want to get people to the interview table or would reject them straight away during an interview. One of those major reasons is that most of our young applicants who are fresh graduates are still stuck in the formatting and making sure that 1-page resumes are made. The second you will get to know during the session. Times have changed, technology is taking over and preferences are changing. An interviewer would interview an applicant for 60 minutes but hardly ask any technical questions. Then what do they ask? - What are they looking for now? - Why does your application never get a response? - Why does your resume is pushed under a pile and never taken out? - How can you stand out among thousands of applicants? - What should be your job applying strategy? Get answers to these and much more in an interactive 2-3 hours online workshop I am running with a limited number of people. If you are willing to accept brutal truths, learn and unlearn some concepts, only then join in. If you do not bring your resume to the program since it requires a lot of grooming, I will send you back so please ensure to have a resume ready. You should also have a proper mic and webcam for a mock interview. The program is $5 for the initial 10 participants and will then be $10 per participant. See you, pals!
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