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The 3 Golden Tools to Resolve Your Relationship Issues - Personal & Professional Both

by Waqar Ali
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How could a student of a 8th standard class in his school think of choosing a girl for himself for his life ? Sounds funny right ? I am the funny guy here and I chose to stay in a relation with someone who's my wife for more than 11 years until our marriage. The journey taught me great lessons, bitter realities and the difference between the fictional conversations of love birds and the reality of life. Not only this, but in my last 12 years of span I have learned much by making friends, by losing some and by learning to always create a line between your personal and professional life. Be it friendship, relationship, a commitment or family terms. Every relationship have its own fundamentals that every side must live up to. Just like we grow, relationships grow too and if we don't become mature with time and learn the meaning of expectations we will never be able to maintain our relationships well. In this 1.5 hour long conversation, I will share with you 3 golden tools + the fundamentals of managing any relation in life that will help you relate with your current state and make it better, healthy & prosperous. Join in. Have your doubts ? Watch this video before you sign up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TPmF0sTsFM&t=15s
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