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How to Design Short Programs & Content Digitally As Trainers/Facilitators

by Waqar Ali
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Times are changing. The world is taking a shift and we don't what's going to be the new normal for people. However, there is one thing for sure the human beings are designed in such a way that they just cannot stop to learn. The world will revive in a while with this ongoing outbreak and not just young ones but every age bracket will need each one of you to come up with programs, content and conversations that can really help them to come out of the trauma, become mentally strong and be the competitive the revised world requires. This 2-hour session is being conducted for trainers and facilitators who have a basic understanding of learning & development world and would like now to offer their content, expertise and programs online through multiple platforms to diversified audiences. The program will cover, - Understanding how attention span works - Establishing your digital profile - Designing short programs through digital platforms - How to keep engagement high during an online session or a recorded program - Getting to know about platforms - A slight touch on understanding how design thinking process helps This program is eligible for, - Trainers and facilitators - Teachers who are teaching online nowadays - Young professionals who are tasked to continue online learning for organisations
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