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Basics of Freelancing - Initiate your Fiverr Profile

by Waqar Ali
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The 2-hour program particularly focuses on helping the individuals who would want to initiate their freelancing career and would want to make the most out of their talent while they work from home. The program is basically a reflection on my 7 years of experience of working as a freelancer at Fiverr during which I offered multiple services including content development, research writing, business presentations, consultation meetings, framework development, academic interventions and helping businesses achieve objectives through my expertise virtually. To my utmost understanding of being a freelancer, I have understood that you become successful if, - You retain your customers and encourage repeat buying - You set good terms with your customers - You build your credibility - Offer exactly what you're good at - You are cost effective when someone buys your service - You know your unique selling point while there are thousands of others sellers who are already offering their services This program will help you to understand, - How to initiate your freelancing profile - Ways of portraying your portfolio nicely - Dealing with the customers as a beginner - Exploring what all you need to offer to the customers across the globe The program is open for all freelancers who are just starting off and would like to know more insights related to real-time dealing with the customers.
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