Umair Jaliawala

CEO at Jaliawala (Pvt) Ltd @umair-jaliawala
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Overcome public speaking fear and become an expert speaker

Speaking in public consistently ranks as one of people's greatest fear, beating death and snakes to the top spot. Speaking is an important way of expressing ideas and communicating knowledge and being able to... Read More

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How to win big through the art of Storytelling?

If you want to stand out in your professional and personal life, you’ve surely asked yourself this question: what is it that separates me from everyone else? If you’ve Googled it, read a slew of books on... Read More

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Personal Branding with Umair Jaliawala

Whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur, cultivating a personal brand has now become more important than ever. One reason is that it is more popular for recruiters to use social media during the interview... Read More

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