11 Apr 2020 PM's Relief Fund for COVID-19.

Umair Jaliawala

Founder & CEO, Torque Corp
LIVE 3PM - 3:15PM (15 minutes)

Welcome to DigiCon

The energetic and passionate Umair is going to set some rules for the conference. Make you all aware of the platform and how you can engage to get the maximum out of this conference.

Badar Khushnood

Cofounder and VP of Growth, Fishry.com
LIVE 3:15PM - 4PM (45 Minutes)

Maintaining productivity: Lessons and templates for everyone working from home

We have now embraced the shift to remote working and during this transition to a virtual workplace, we also need to put into place a structure where directions, decision making, and communication are streamlined. Teams being physically remote doesn’t have to result in lack of clarity however, it is the role of the managers and leaders to foster an outcome-driven culture while leading the teams in their daily course of work. Our speaker, Badar Khushnood will share insights into how leaders can inspire distributed teams and get things done and for individuals to maintain a work-life balance.

LIVE 4PM - 5PM (1 Hour)

Panel Discussion | Find opportunities in chaos, new models for old businesses.

When a crisis hits, how a leader acts and responds to the uncertainty that follows can often determine the outcome. Hence, putting uncertainty at the heart of your business strategy is crucial. It helps you to make quick, smart decisions while minimising chaos. In this discussion, panelists will shed light on the depth and breadth of the ongoing crisis and how global leaders are preparing for a range of future business scenarios and navigating a new way forward.

LIVE 5PM - 5:30PM (30 Minutes)

Equity crowdfunding: Survival tips for startups and SMEs

Umair Jaliawala

Founder & CEO, Torque Corp
LIVE 5:30PM - 6:00PM (30 Minutes)

Keynote - Embracing the new normal

A new status quo has now emerged for the business community and society at large. Regardless of the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, any crisis of such a magnitude inevitably changes the way individuals and businesses operate. However, sanity prevails when we learn to be open to adaptation and move towards the new normal. Umair will help you explore alternate ways to effectively manage a downturn and embrace what’s next.

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