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“Positive Discipline: Parenting with a balance of boundaries and compassion” with Maryam Munir

by The Great Red Spot
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No matter what ages your children are, you need this workshop! Maryam will talk about some basic brain development in children to decode and understand your child's behaviors. You will be equipped with tools and strategies to manage and reduce these behaviors through respectful parenting in a fun and interactive atmosphere. Maryam Munir is a certified Positive Discipline Educator and Parent Consultant, and is the founder of The Parent Empowerment Project, a non-profit organization that educates parents and caretakers about respectful parenting. She’s passionate about supporting parents in a safe and empathetic space to build skills that foster beautiful relationships within families. Her workshops and teachings are based on her background in psychology and neuroscience. Join Maryam Munir for a 1hr session and learn about positive parenting.
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