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Doing e-commerce business in Pakistan by Badar Khushnood

by The Great Red Spot
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The faster fish will eat the slower fish, this is Badar's interpretation of our current digital market. To hear exclusive insights about the situation of e-commerce worldwide as well as the prevalence of e-commerce in Pakistan. He will share his knowledge of eCommerce as a lucrative and largely untapped opportunity in Pakistan and supplement his talk with a variety of informative facts and figures. Badar in his session will talk about the opportunities, challenges, and strategies for an e-commerce business in Pakistan to grow and prosper. His session will be useful for people working in eCommerce, planning to start their eCommerce business or just people curious about this space. Badar Khushnood is the co-founder and VP of growth at Bramerz, a leading full-service digital media & marketing agency in Pakistan. Badar has also worked for Google, Facebook, and Twitter is the co-founder of Fishry, an e-commerce platform that enables brands to set-up their own online stores.
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