Today’s the day - Become an expert!

Inspire students to explore greater opportunities in life by sharing your knowledge and insights. Monetize your talents and years of experience by teaching a course at Airschool.

This doesn’t mean you need to have years of professional teaching experience on your resume. You could be an exceptional growth hacker and plan a course around that. What we’re most interested in is if you have the passion and confidence it takes to plan an awesome course that students will love and engage with, or that you have so much knowledge to offer but not an audience to share it with. Here’s where we step in. If you believe you fit our criteria, fill out this form. It will take around 15 minutes of your time, but your effort will not go unnoticed.


You can tell about your hobbies, your passions, what you’re currently doing in life and what you're planning to do in the future.

Please list any experience you have of teaching, whether as a professional, a volunteer, or in your personal life. Our teachers come from a variety of professional backgrounds, some are not even professional teachers, so don’t get intimidated. Share anything you think we should know!

At Airschool we do not require degrees to teach - but include anything that will help us learn more about your background. This can include professional degrees, teaching credentials and professional certificates, or even accomplishments at work. Moreover, please include year, subject, and the institution/workplace you attended.

Airschool teachers create their own courses and classes. So we’d like to know what you want to teach here and why, which ages or level of learners you want to work with, and what experience or expertise do you have in these subject areas.

Mention your online presence. This includes any website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile available for the public that helps describe your experience and expertise.

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