Teaching has left the classroom. Start your online school today!

Have a talent and an audience who’d love to learn the tricks of your trade? That could be the recipe to an extremely effective revenue stream. Welcome to Airschool, where digital creators around the world come to make courses and sell them to audiences. Inspire students to explore greater opportunities in life by sharing your knowledge and insights - everything you’ve learnt as a digital creator.

Launching an online school here doesn’t mean you’ll need a formal degree or time spent teaching. All you need to come with is talent, insight and passion! That’s what we’re most interested in! And that’s what your audience wants too. If you believe you fit our criteria, fill out this form. It will take around 15 minutes of your time, but your effort will not go unnoticed. 😁


You can tell about your hobbies, your passions, what you’re currently doing in life and what you're planning to do in the future.

Please list any experience you have of teaching, whether as a professional, a volunteer, or in your personal life. Our teachers come from a variety of professional backgrounds, some are not even professional teachers, so don’t get intimidated. Share anything you think we should know!

Do you have a community or following to drive sales to your course? Explain it in detail.

The options are endless. Airschool teachers create their own courses and classes. So tell us about what you want to teach using Airschool, which level of learners you want to target, and what makes you the best person to teach it..

Even if you don’t have a following in large numbers, please mention a public URL for initial screening.

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