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How to write content which gets you business deals and other opportunities

by Tanzila Khan
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Introduction: One of the secrets of making a great impact when you are not present is writing. If you can present yourself like a star on paper then you can attract business and opportunities from anyone in the world. My secret to success has been writing like a leader and making anyone reading my emails, articles or blogs believe that I am the right person who they need! I hope to share my secrets on how I became from a student to a Global traveler and public speaker by creating the best first impression through writing well! Agenda: The Craft of Writing 10 must know tips to master impact Language of Opportunity Seeking Writing From Speech to Email – Basic elements Polish your writing At the end of the session you will: -be able to write better emails to garner attention from potential clients and grant-makers -craft your story to stand out like a star -have a basic structure for applications for grants, business models or trainings and more
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