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Circle of Life- Exploring Circular Design

by Social Innovation Lab
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The purpose of the workshop is to understand and adapt regenerative and circular principles in everyday life or business models. The overarching theme would be addressing the triple bottom line i.e. people, planet, and profit. With growing changes in the climate and threat to our land and living beings, we must develop innovations/businesses that reduce the extraction and use of natural resources and generate less waste. Hence, the adaption of circular and regenerative techniques is necessary to build a better future. At Social Innovation Lab, we combine human values, comparative literary, and other texts with business skills and offer a program unlike others in the market. Our strength is rooted in our moral, philosophical framework i.e. "regenerative development", which encourages us to 'think in circles', take inspiration from a dialogue of wisdom, both indigenous and modern, and remove the power imbalance between Man and Nature. The objective of the workshop: • To create awareness about regenerative and circular thinking/design • To rethink everyday products/services and systems to be a part of the circular economy. • To work towards the future of attaining SDGs Who Should Attend: Business leaders, Professionals from any field and Students
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