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How developers and product managers can unlock the power of Firebase?

by Mariam Aslam
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Course Overview: Firebase is an umbrella of tools and services which makes it easier to build more successful mobile & web apps. Firebase is for all developers, from the smallest one-person startups to the largest enterprise business that powers mobile and web development. This course will give you a solid overview of what Google Firebase is, which are the core services, and various SDKs, frameworks, utilities, and helpers Topics: What is Firebase In this topic, we will cover what are the google powered stack of service and technologies that help to create powerful mobile and web applications with great ease and convenience. Firebase Core Services In this topic, we will cover a set of core services that we can utilize to benefit our applications. The following are the core services of the Firebase platform Cloud function Cloud Storage Authentication Hosting Challenges that firebase has solved In this section, we will be covering what are the challenges that firebase has solved and how it is making the life of developers easy. Firebase SDKs, frameworks and helps In this section, we will focus on what technology stacks that firebase supports with their SDK and how can we integrate them Improve products Quality with Firebase In this section, we will cover how Firebase gives you insights into app performance and stability, and perform cross-platform testing, so you can channel your resources effectively. Grow business with Firebase In this section, we will be covering how Firebase helps you grow to millions of users, simplifying user engagement and retention. Why Firebase In this section, we will focus on why should be using firebase over cloud solutions and how firebase solves the infrastructure problems for us Excel your firebase skills If you are a mobile or web developer and want to create a great application without using your own infrastructure and have fewer resources for that then this course will help you to resolve your problem and introduce you to a fantastic solution “Firebase” which provides many service/ technology to solve your problems
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