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Most of us have probably heard or even experienced how data findings lead to more accurate results, but who finds this information and predicts the results? Data analyst experts. Year by year, companies around the world are depending on experts as such to help them make more effective, cost-saving decisions. Demand for well-skilled data analysts is through the roof and projected to rise in the new few years. 💸 Maaz Imran, who is the Head of Data Analytics and BI @ HelloFreshGO, will help set up your foundation for a successful career path in the field. Simply put, data analytics involves the inspection, cleansing, transformation and modeling of data with the goal of discovering useful information and conclusions to support strategic business decisions. This course can become your gateway to the highly in-demand, money-making field of Data Analytics.

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This introductory session will walk you through an explanation of data analysis and the types that surround it. He, using his experience and insight into the world of data analytics, will describe all the responsibilities involved in becoming a data analyst and what kind of skill sets can lead to a smashing job. 🔥

The second module will be an in-depth study of data science, covering the following: Relational and non-relational database management systems Data structures, file formats, and sources of data Use of different languages used by data professionals around the world Data Warehouses, Data Marts, Data Lakes, and Data Pipelines Extract, Transform, and Load process for raw data analysis Big Data and Big Data processing tools

Maaz will walk you through his tried and tested steps to identify, gather, and import data from disparate sources. Moreover, he will talk about all the tools and techniques required for wrangling and data cleansing to make data analysis ready. 💪

In this session, statistical tools and techniques will be explored, along with an intensive look into how you can best present your data and tell a story. The following will be covered: Tools for mining and analyzing data to understand the patterns, trends, and correlations that exist in the data Best kinds of visualization for data + possibilities offered by some of the most popular data visualization and dashboarding tools How to tell a compelling and convincing story with your data

In the last session of the course, Maaz will talk from personal experience as well as market insights about the different career opportunities available in data analysis. Furthermore, he will present the many learning paths that stem from getting skilled as a data analyst. 🤩

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Maaz Imran

Head of Data Analytics and BI @ HelloFreshGO

Data Professional with a passion for online education, travelling and poetry

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15+ enrolled on this course

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