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In this course, Saba will teach you to become a Fiverr Pro. She’s a straight-up boss woman in her own life - juggling 100+ clients on Fiverr while studying for a master's degree. Despite her busy schedule, she’s managed to collect rave reviews and recommendations on Fiverr. How exactly? This course will be teaching just that! Freelancing has evolved from being a rare lifestyle to one of the major ways humans are working today. Along with being your own boss, it comes with financial freedom, flexibility to work from anywhere.

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Before diving deep into a freelancing career, we need to know what to sell. So, in this introductory section, you will not only be introduced to what freelancing is but also go through a self-observation and evaluation to find out all the awesome skills and talents you already possess and can sell!

Profile creation provides a base to start building your freelancing career and that's why it holds its own significance. So, in this section we will be looking into how a best-seller, pro Fiverr seller profile is created - one that attracts buyers and money!

Great gigs > ordinary, bland gigs. Now the question is, what exactly is a great gig? We’ll be looking into what it takes to create the greatest gigs on Fiverr. Furthermore, we’ll view examples of some incredibly high-earning gigs on the platform for #inspiration.

This section primarily focuses on discussing how to fill in every section when creating a gig and the importance of doing it. No box should be left empty and there’s a reason for it! Buyers expect complete information or they move on to the next best gig.

How to make your Fiverr gigs functional is perhaps most important, because that’s how you can earn money. For this reason, we will be discussing several strategies to boost your profile on Fiverr and ways to monitor its ranking in this section.

Different customers have different expectations, budget and behavior depending upon the geography and this is one of the most important aspect of freelancing. So, in this section, we will be discussing the types of customers, and guidelines to ensure customer's satisfaction.

In this section, we are going to look into the features and processes of order placement and money withdrawal. The prime purpose of this section is to introduce you to features you can use as a seller, in case of any problem.

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Freelancer with 100+ clients | Software Engineer | Content Writer

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This course focuses on the strategies to become successful freelancer on Fiverr.

This course contains 8 lectures, each with 1 hour duration. So the total course duration is 8 hours.

The challenging part of becoming a freelancer is to attract buyers in the beginning. So, the best part of this course is that it explains all the techniques to get initial jobs on Fiverr.

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