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Masterclass in Fund Raising for Startups

by Khurram Zafar
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Learn the essentials of fund raising for startups from a successful startup entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. Agenda: Introduction A bit about me and why you should listen to me. The Language of Fund Raising Often times entrepreneurs and investors communicate using terminology that are not commonly understood resulting in misunderstanding. Do you know the difference between a Safe and a convertible debt note? How about GMV and Revenue? This part of the session focuses on establishing common grounds for communication with investors. Source of Funds Most entrepreneurs think that Angel investors and Venture Capital funds are the only sources of capital for a startup. There are many non-traditional avenues of funding that must be explored side by side commercial investors. There are also some sources that must be exhausted before others to maximize value for fund raising activities. What are Investors Looking for? A profitable business model is not the only thing that investors look for. There are numerous other aspects through which an investor evaluates a deal and which contribute at least as much towards their decision making as a profitable business model. Knowing that helps entrepreneurs prepare themselves better to raise funds. Basics of Startup Valuation Startups are a high risk and high reward asset class which results in investors demanding a huge risk premium. This section will cover the high level math that goes through an inveator's head when evaluating a funding opportunity. It will give entrepreneurs an idea of how to value themselves, when to go to a VC and when to explore other funding avenues. How to Prepare to Raise Funds Fund raising is a full time and very consuming activity for a CEO. It helps if the entrepreneur is ready with all the collateral, documents, financial models before hitting the road. The section guides the entrepreneurs on how to effectively prepare to raise funds and impress the investors with their readiness. Elements of a Successful Startup Pitch A good pitch is short, precise and hits a home run on every slide. This section covers the elements of a great fund raising pitch and can help entrepreneurs prepare a winning pitch deck. How to Reach Me I invest in high growth startups so why not reach out once you are ready.
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