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Welcome to YouTube SEO Course (Advance Level SEO) that will help you as a Beginner to Rank Videos on YouTube. ⭐If You Are Facing Following Problems, then this Course is for You: ◼ Not Getting Views ◼ Low Impressions ◼ Unable to Find Best Keywords ◼ Video Ranking Issues ◼ Video SEO + Channel SEO (ISUUES) ◼ Videos are not going Viral ⭐What You Will Learn in this Course? This Course is specially designed for beginners. Here You Will Learn: ◼ Basics about YouTube SEO & Keywords ◼ Detailed Keywords Research for Both Purposes (Views & Earning) ◼ How to Upload Video with Proper SEO to Get Ranking. ◼ My YouTube Channel Analytics and My All SEO Secrets ◼ How to Viral Video Fast as a Beginner ◼ How Much YouTube Pays for Differnet Topics like Tech, Cooking, Vlogs etc ◼ Which Topic is best for YouTube (All Secrets) ◼ Free tools and Websites for SEO(Mostly Tech Youtubers Use) ◼ Sharing My 3 Years of Experience In this course, I will use All free tools and free websites for YouTube SEO. After leaning this course, you will get full knowledge about YouTube SEO and How to Rank Videos on YouTube. You will learn from Basics to Advance YouTube SEO.


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What is YouTube SEO & Keywords

  • SEO Course Overiew and Intro 7min 45sec

Keywords Research for High Views and Earnings

  • Keyword Research | Searching and Selection 23min 59sec

How to Upload Video With Proper SEO

  • How to upload video with proper SEO 29min 5sec

How to Viral YT videos via SEO + Earning on Different Topics

  • How to Viral YT videos via SEO + Earning per Topic 16min 26sec
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Kashif Majeed

Youtuber @KashifMajeed, YouTube SEO Expert & Freelancer

Youtuber, Freelauncer & YouTube SEO Expert

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15+ enrolled on this course