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Welcome to YouTube Earning Course !!! In this Course You Will Learn about How to Earn Money From YouTube. You Will Learn ◼Basic needs for Channel & How to choose topic and 7 Best topics for videos? ◼How to Create YouTube Channel? And all settings of Channel. ◼Settings for security of YouTube channel ◼How to face camera and how to make YT videos? ◼How to find and write content and topic for Channel? ◼How to use YouTube Studio beta ◼How to upload YouTube video ◼How to edit YouTube videos without facecam & with facecam ◼How to make thumbnails ◼How to monetize channel ◼Google AdSense complete info with key issues ◼How to complete 1K subs fast ◼Avoid these mistakes to become successful ◼ Different ways to earn from YouTube After learning this course, you will be able to start your own YouTube Channel as a Professional YouTuber Because Here I will Share My All Secrets.


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  • Course Overview 9min 41sec
  • Equipments needed for YT Channel 7min 13sec
  • 03- How to choose topics for YT Videos 14min 40sec
  • 04- How to choose channel name 12min 7sec
  • 05- How to make YT channel and Settings 25min 36sec
  • 06-YT Channel Security Settings 12min 9sec
  • 07- How to Face Camera for YT videos 9min 58sec
  • 08- How to find content for YT videos 9min 7sec
  • 09- How to use YT Studio (Part 1) 18min 30sec
  • 10- How to use YT Studio (Part 2) 24min 17sec
  • 11- How to upload videos on YT 7min 2sec
  • 12- How to edit videos without facecam 17min 22sec
  • 13- How to edit videos with facecam 27min 0sec
  • 14- How to make Thumbnails 24min 42sec
  • 15- How to monetize YT channel 7min 40sec
  • 16- Complete Infor Google Adsense Acoount 11min 35sec
  • 17- How to get 1k subs and 4k hours watchtime 10min 28sec
  • 18- Don't do these mistakes on YT Channel 6min 43sec
  • 19- How to make YT Channel Searchable (Channel SEO) 6min 19sec
  • 20- Different ways to earn from YT 11min 48sec
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Kashif Majeed


Youtuber, Freelauncer & YouTube SEO Expert

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