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Welcome to Fiverr Earning Course. In this Course You will Learn How to Earn Money From Fiverr. You will also Learn Two Skills to Start Work on Fiverr. You Will Learn Following Topics in this course: ◼Overview & Introduction About Fiverr ◼ Account creation on Fiverr (With Proper SEO) ◼ Creating Gig (With Proper SEO) ◼ Fiverr skill (Adobe Photoshop for Picture Editing) ◼ Fiverr skill (Adobe Premiere for podcast editing) ◼Reason behind lac of order ◼ How to get orders ◼ How to be a local Freelauncer. After Learning this course, You will be able to earn money from fiverr. JazaALLAH


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Introduction about Fiverr

  • Course OverView 6min 47sec
  • 02-Intro And Creating Account (part 1) 20min 35sec
  • 03-Intro And Creating Account (part 2) 30min 0sec

How to Create Gig With Proper SEO

  • 04-Creaating Gig (Part 1) 40min 59sec
  • 05-Creating Gig (part 2) 26min 45sec
  • 06-Gig Creation Final-fiverr Features And Faqs (tips And Tricks And Final Thoughts) 36min 26sec

Learn Adobe Primer Pro & Photoshop

  • 07- Fiverr Skill (Adobe Premier for Podcast Editing) 18min 53sec
  • 08-Fiverr Skill (Adobe Photoshop) 15min 5sec

Reason of Not Getting Orders? & How to get Orders

  • 09-Reason behind Lack of Orders 6min 41sec
  • 10-How to get Orders 10min 23sec

Freelancing on Facebook, YouTube etc

  • 11-How to be a local Freelancer (Withiout Fiverr) 12min 6sec
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Kashif Majeed


Youtuber, Freelauncer & YouTube SEO Expert

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