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Getting initial 100 fans for your startup

by Haseeb Awan
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#1 reason startups fail is due to a lack of enough customers to justify the cost of operations. It's really hard to find initial REAL customers who buy it because they need it vs because of you. The later doesn't last long because you'll run out of friends & family pretty soon. I've been fortunate to be part of early teams and navigated them to go from 0-> Millions of users through doing things that don't scale. I'll go through the process which can be adopted by any company pre or post-launch to validate the hypothesis the scientific way. I'll pickup 3 examples which include my current startup to show how through simple hypothesis theory and data points, you can find the initial 100 fans. Those fans have to really love your product & once you find them, you'll see how easy it'll be to grow These are really two good reads that I recommend you should read for this session to be more beneficial: - http://paulgraham.com/ds.html - https://firstround.com/review/how-superhuman-built-an-engine-to-find-product-market-fit/
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