Hafsa Naseem

Founder: CareeHer

  • 2 sessions



Pitching as a Pro - Market Yourself Effectively to Get More Freelancing Clients

by Hafsa Naseem
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Freelancing and pitching go hand in hand. Even if you have a solid network and can get client referrals, it’s important to know how to pitch properly. The major problem most freelancers face is not knowing how to pitch effectively. In this workshop you will learn about: 1. Digital Platforms and channels you can pitch on as a freelancer 2. Varying styles of pitching on different platforms 3. Structure of Pitching 4. Getting to the core 5. Establishing your credibility 6. Effective tactics to initiate a conversation to secure clients. 6. Retaining the client- The Added Value. With a decade long experience in Freelancing, I have been helping emerging freelancers and content writers to create better opportunities for themselves.
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