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How to become a top-rated freelancer on upwork? (Urdu)

by Faiza Yousuf
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Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing platforms in the world and is an excellent starting point for your freelancing career. In this session, we will discuss a proven strategy towards becoming a top-rated freelancer on upwork, this strategy comes from my own personal experience of being successful on upwork and mentoring dozens of other people who also did really well there. We will talk about creating a stellar general profile and building specialized profiles for your diverse skill set, costing strategies and the heuristics for selecting the right projects. Overtime, upwork has become really selective in letting new freelancers in, so we talk about its implications and I will share some tips for getting your profile approved. I will show you some of the winning proposals I have written and we will discuss the ways in which you can use them as guides for your proposals. We will also discuss supporting procedures, like, writing project brief w/ deliverables, scheduling review calls, getting better feedback and upselling. The idea is to build a long-term relationship with your clients for repeated and better business. - Creating a stellar profile(s) on upwork, this includes both general and specialized profiles which highlight your individual skills. - Creating a rate card and project estimation, we will talk about setting up an hourly rate, billable and nonbillable hours and how to estimate for fixed-price projects. - Understanding connects and memberships, upwork is a world of its own and you need to think about the investment of getting a membership and buying and using connects. - Selecting the right projects/clients, from search filters to heuristics, we will talk about ways to do better screening of projects and clients. - Writing excellent proposals, use a basic template for each of your skills and then creating custom proposals out of them. - Managing work and related support procedures, learn to optimize your work procedures to ensure a successful project. - Tips on building long-term clientele, some tips coming from a person who believes in investing more in existing clients than the new ones. Why should you listen to me? I am a top-rated freelancer on upwork and I have managed to gradually triple my hourly rate in a little over two years. My upwork journey started near the end of 2017 and that too as one of my experiments to see if I can learn and excel at it. I work less than 10 hours a week on upwork and have managed to get some long-term clients and good money.
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