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A practical guide to testing your software products!

by Faiza Yousuf
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The session is designed to create a basic understanding of software testing and help learners in implementing some basic investigative tools and techniques on their products to see if they meet their imagined quality criteria. We will talk about user personas, user journeys and mindmap as our first set of tools for exploring the capabilities of our product and understanding our user’s context, needs, and pain points. We will discuss some basic tools which are used to extract meaningful information that can be used to improve your product’s quality, save your users from frustration and help in resolving user resistance and user experience related issues. And of course, we will talk about exploratory testing, user testing, and mob testing as our ways of investigating and identifying software bugs and reporting them in a way that they get resolved on priority. The session will require you to bring in an open-mind, take notes and do a follow-up discussion with your learning peers and replicate this session for your product development teams. Who should attend this? - Software Engineers - Tech Entrepreneurs - Students pursuing CS/SE/IT-related courses Why should you listen to me? I am a product management consultant with expertise in exploratory testing and user testing and have been doing it for a little over 10 years now. I have been teaching and training people on software testing, user experience, and team alignment and have some excellent tools and techniques for you to apply on your web and app products.
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