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Learners ❤️ Airschool

I have always been a skeptic when it comes to enrolling in courses online. But time constraints necessitated it and I found myself in Airschool. Enrolled in two IELTS courses and successfully took my test immediately after I finished. The two things I loved most about Airschool:

  • Some courses are live and in your own language
  • Slack community helps a lot if you have questions

Ali Raza

I didn’t think community learning was possible online but Airschool made it happen.

Faiz Riyaz

Two of the recorded courses on freelancing and JavaScript are amazing. I was impressed to see how qualified and informed instructors were. Needless to say, I have upped my skills. Thanks Airschool!!

Natasha Khan

Big break from traditional modes of learning and I LOVE IT!

Faria Mumtaz

I always said I could learn video editing for free, if I wanted to. I tried that, but I wasn’t dedicated and it also became very boring very fast. Enrolled in a live course here 2 months ago, now I’m a Level 1 Seller on Fiverr.

Mahrukh Sohail

I feel I can actually understand what the instructors are saying. Makes me realize how important it is to learn in your own language.

Faheem ud Din

My interest in Airschool sparked when I saw a course by a Pakistani YouTube blogger I follow. I knew I had to do the course. 4 months later, I'm on my third course. The best part is, despite being from India, I understood everything and the community was so warm.

Kartik Agarwal

The customer support: fantastic!

Sumayya Khalil

I have always been shamelessly money-minded but I love to do my hard work. So Airschool is like a goldmine to me. In-demand skill courses are popping up day after day, so I keep investing in my future.

Raza Talat

Airschool comes at a crucial time, when the existence of traditional methods of education are being questioned. Made even more important in a covid world + lockdowns, making physical education a distant reality.

Sahiba Farooq

Courses are great, instructors are good, but I keep coming back to Airschool for: the COMMUNITY and SUPPORT extended to me. Flawless, I tell you.

Rohail Zubair

I have to thank Airschool so much for being there when no one was. I had recently lost a job due to COVID layoffs and I had exhausted my LinkedIn profile, asking for jobs and referrals. Thanks to their course, I started my own business and Alhumdulillah was able to take care of my family.

Shahroz Ali

I love how modern and functional the website is. Super easy-to-use, which is not something you find in Pakistan.

Romaisa Ajmal

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