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Beat Imposter Syndrome & be a Powerful Communicator

by Bushra Anjum, Ph.D.
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With over 10 years of international teaching, mentoring, and speaking engagements (prominently in Pakistan and the US), and having researched and read 100s of articles/books on the topic, I saw two main themes that stop people (especially those from underrepresented minorities) from achieving their full potential. 1. Their inner critical voice is continually telling them, "you don't belong," and "you are not good enough." We also know this phenomenon as the Imposter Syndrome 2. Even when they have brilliant ideas and content worth sharing, they lack communication skills and that "polish" that makes people listen and take notice. In this session, we will take some time and build a strong foundation of understanding these often deeply rooted psychological issues. Then, we will spend the bulk of the time discussing both easy tricks and long term habits that have proven to work for 1000s of others facing the same challenges. We will talk about how the brain works, and how to rewire, refine and reconnect. We will explore the Dunning-Kruger effect and the notion of "generalized other". We will discuss mirror neurons, practice using strong language, employ voice modulation, understand the power of body language and stories, among many other techniques. The content that I will be sharing will be based on published research, books, advice from leading experts, anecdotes from technical leaders, and of course, my personal learnings. Let's work together on hushing that inner and polishing that outer voice! P.S. I lead the live mentoring webinar series for Anitab.org Systers non-profilt Pakistani Women in Computing (recipient of the proceeds from this session).
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