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Public Speaking Masterclass

by Bilal Khiyani
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Speaking in public ranks among the greatest fears of people around the world, be it an introvert or an extrovert. On a professional level, most of us — even those at the top — struggle with public-speaking anxiety. When I ask my colleagues/clients what makes them nervous, invariably they respond with the same answers: “What if I mess up” “What if I say something wrong.” “I don’t like being in the spotlight.” "I sound weird" Even to an extent, where the most talkative person of the social group would end up silent when put under the spotlight. It is said that the fear has been transferred to human brains from prehistoric times, when humans perceived eyes watching us as an existential threat. Those eyes were likely predators. People were literally terrified of being eaten alive. In response to that prehistoric reality, the amygdala, the part of our brain that helps us respond to danger, kicked into full gear. And when our fight-or-flight response gets triggered, we understandably feel intense stress and anxiety. This course will prepare you to get over the fear, stress and anxiety of public speaking and help you take the first step towards making your words and the way you say it, substantial. It will enable you to be a good presenter and help you communicate in an inspiring manner. I have over 6 years f experience in Public Speaking, as a trainer. I have had the chance to train a variety of audiences ranging from homemakers to university students and working professionals. I have traveled across Pakistan to interact and enable people to do more and be more. Public speaking masterclass will add value to the way you present. It will help you with: - Being confident - Create a story flow - Ace at professional presentations - Help initiating career based on public speaking - Create and Present engaging content - Enable you to become a trainer - Help you influence through words
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