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Who are SuperFans? Why are they important?

In the creator economy, there’s a term commonly used: Superfans. Who are they & why are they important? Let’s talk about them....

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In the creator economy, there’s a term commonly used: Superfans. Who are they & why are they important? Let’s talk about them.

Defining superfans

Superfans are your most loyal followers, who wholeheartedly love you and everything you do. They will follow you, subscribe to your channels, travel to meet you, get into fights for you. In extreme cases, they will even cry for you.

Their passion for you will come up in every conversation they have. This way, what they end up doing for you, as a brand, is spreading awareness. They don’t just make people aware, though. They spend hours trying to convert their friends. That’s even better than hiring brand ambassadors.

Have true fans always been around?

Technically, yes, they’ve always been around. You’ve seen them mostly obsess about pop culture icons – be it The Beatles, Elvis Presley or even Bollywood’s King Khan, Shahrukh.

But let’s think about them in the 21st century. PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is a very popular game, especially in Asia. The regular fans of this game will play the game. But the superfans will purchase every in-game new skin, outfits, or even merchandise to show their love and support.

Similarly, PewDiePie has a massive following of 108M on his YouTube channel. His followers, called ‘Bros Army’, are majorly young gamers. These superfans are ready to take on the entire internet when anyone goes against PewDiePie. For instance in 2018, an Indian Record Label Company, T-Series, gained subscribers and was close to overtaking PewDiePie. His superfans retaliated by starting a campaign to get him more followers; some fans even bought billboards, radio ads, wore ‘Subscribe PewDiePie’ shirts for the Super Bowl. Furthermore they hacked 200,000 printers, Google Chromecast, and made thousands of YouTube videos urging people to subscribe to him.

Another example for superfans is BTS – the Korean boys band. BTS fans, usually called A.R.M.Y, are spread in millions around the world and super active on social media. These fans attend concerts, buy merchandise and hijack social trends because they are all about BTS!

How do I know who is my hardcore fan?

So if you are a creative person on the internet and sell some stuff, it is likely you will have regular and super fans. Regular fans will buy your art once or twice, but your super fans will clear the shelves and take everything you produce. Which is why, as good as they sound, there will generally be less of them as compared to regular fans.

Let’s suppose you have 100 followers, you will have most likely 1 to 10 superfans in those. I’ve also talked about how creators can generate constant revenues with the power of superfans previously.

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But how does one get superfans? Does someone become a superfan organically? How can someone grow their superfans?

The short answer to that question is — you can acquire superfans, but you can also cultivate and grow your super fans. I will give a detailed answer on this in the next article of the series.

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Written by Fatima Rizwan
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