What is Paid Search & Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing?

Pay per click might still seem like a foreign concept to some people. It’s understandable. People often forget how digital advertising has...

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Pay per click might still seem like a foreign concept to some people. It’s understandable. People often forget how digital advertising has multiple facets that you can take advantage of, according to your brand needs.

For those not aware, pay per click (PPC) marketing is a form of paid search marketing that allows ad placement through search engines which help bring clicks/users to a brand’s website. This is in opposition to the organic search engine marketing that takes place, done through optimizing content for SEO through blogging and pages.

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This brings us to the discussion of how it works, benefits and follow-ups. So without further delay, let’s get started.

The Need

Often and rightfully, organizations focus on organic marketing as the core of their promotional practices. It is a common belief that consumers get more attracted towards organic marketing. However, that doesn’t mean paid marketing doesn’t do anything for them.

Pay per click is most popularly done on search engines. It is important to show up at the top of search engine results because consumers are most likely to search a product online before making a purchase. And unless your brand is as big and known as Coca Cola, you’re going to need a little more than organic marketing tactics.

Today’s competition has increased so much. This is what makes it especially complicated to rank high on a search engine. Optimizing your website according to search is a good step to take, but it will not make up for the exposure pay per click ads can get you.

The Process

The common action people associate with pay per click is a website click that brands get. But the process of paid marketing has made it more flexible to choose your required objectives out of any ad. Whether it’s for likes, comments, reach or any other type of objective, paid search marketing caters to all of that.

The process includes a bidding system that allows advertisers to declare the amount they’re willing to pay. According to that amount, the advertising platform suggests the number of placements you can get for your campaign. 

Each PPC platform offers different solutions for ads and advertisers. Some give keyword optimization, other engagement and relevance as the favorable point. This helps them reward or prefer those ads in particular. 

The Benefits

The main benefit that is easy to understand for anybody is the monetary benefit. Pay per click might require you to invest money as opposed to organic advertising. But it reaps much more than what you sow. If a pay per click ad is costing you $5-50 it will lead you to sales that are much more profitable for you.

Search engines, like Google, are among the most commonly used platforms on the internet. Especially before making a purchase, people like to make searches. This makes PPC highly relevant for customers because they get ads for related or similar products or services when they search a particular topic.

For advertisers, it gets extremely easy to target their ads towards people who are initially looking for their products in the first place. And for search engines the entire process of catering to both their audience and their customers becomes easy. Advertisers are their income stream, and searchers are their main audience.

The Conclusion: Pay Per Click

Ultimately, whether you are a brand lead or a manager, your end objective is to make investments into profitable transactions. Pay per click takes you there in one easy process.

The field of paid search and pay per click (PPC) is a rising skill as competition continues to grow. Lucrative jobs are popping up, looking for individuals who know paid search inside out. If you wonder on occasion how to upskill in PPC and add to your resume, we have something for you at Airschool.

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