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How to make use of webinars to sell online courses

A large portion of course creators and experts are using webinars to sell online courses nowadays. With the rising popularity and availability...

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using webinars to sell online courses

A large portion of course creators and experts are using webinars to sell online courses nowadays. With the rising popularity and availability of online courses, the competition in the online course market has sky-rocketed.

With webinars, you can sell your online courses effectively. Webinars are seminars hosted online with the purpose of bringing traffic to discuss an idea, product, etc. As the participation is virtual, people from all around the world can join the event, thus making them easily accessible.

🎯 Using webinars to sell online courses:

1. Know who to sell to

Begin by sketching an ideal customer type in your mind. Then work along with it. Think about what a customer would want to see in your course, and in particular, what would they want to gain from it.

Such questions will provide you with a lead for your webinar and course(s). Your task is to design the webinar in a way that satisfies your ideal customer.

2. Make an eye-catching registration/landing page

This will act as the primary page for your webinar. You can host it in a number of places, from tools especially like vFairs. Landing pages present the webinar to everyone and talk about discussions will be done during it.

It needs to be attractive enough to persuade people into registering for the event. Templates and copy go hand-in-hand in ensuring that. A pro-tip: provide an incentive to attract people to register. Everyone likes a little freebie!

3. Have the ‘webinar sales funnel’ at your fingertips

A webinar sales funnel is a mechanism for structuring your webinar that will eventually lead an audience to your desired landing page. The process is all about grabbing the attention of the viewers so that they can be redirected to your course where they make the decision to purchase or not purchase your course.

1. Start by generating awareness and build traffic around your webinar.

2. Then create an appealing landing page or form for registrations that lists down details, purpose and benefits of the webinar. Remember to not ask for too many details, but emails should be mandatory.

3. When you have attendees signing up, try to engage them with your storytelling. Send emails building up to the day of your webinar.

4. Once the webinar is done, send out follow-up emails and provide freebies, time-limited discounts as rewards for attendance. Add value propositions and unique selling points for yourself, your course.

5. Upon this, your prospects decide whether or not to buy your course.

4. Captivate the audience through your presentation

Presentation matters. Keep yourself calm and relaxed. You will be able to perform better with a clear mind. Engage with the audience and reel them into the discussion. And when things become too monotonous, shake them up with light jokes and interesting activities – games perhaps!

You can begin by mentioning your origin story to personalize the talk. People will be able to relate to the presentation and become inspired by you.

Meanwhile, try and bust any myths people have regarding the course you are offering. Sort out their confusion and break away any reservations that could keep them from opting for your course.

5. Redirect to the sales page

It is often difficult to keep people interested in long webinars, and especially to redirect them to your site page at the end. Create FOMO.

Convince the audience that they will be missing out on a huge opportunity by not opting for your course. Best way of doing that is to add  testimonials from previous users and experts.

If you feel that is not enough, then add some bonus incentives to reel them in e.g. special discount code. Like I said above, people love free stuff.

6. Lastly, keep a tab

After finishing the webinar, keep a record of the people who participated in the event and keep a tab on people who didn’t buy your course. Reach out to them and learn why they didn’t do so. Take in their insights to improve your future performance.

I hope this guide helps you host amazing webinars to sell online courses successfully. Check more articles on course creation and course growth.

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