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Top 10 in demand jobs and careers of the future

The impact of COVID-19 on the job market may have led most of us to search for useful skills that guarantee us...

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The impact of COVID-19 on the job market may have led most of us to search for useful skills that guarantee us in demand jobs today. While that might have been useful, have you had the chance to look at what will be needed in the next 5 years?

Based on a report by the World Economic Forum, the future looks bright for students and professionals in tech. By 2025, it is predicted that an estimated 97 million new jobs will enter the market. Out of them, the following roles will experience the highest demand.

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Source: Granite Devices

1. Software and Applications Developers

We’re all using software and apps written by developers in one way or another nowadays. In fact, the website you’re reading this article on is a result of their efforts. Hence, it’s no surprise software and applications developers are in demand and will continue to be.

Just take JavaScript developers, who are making six dollar figures in entry to mid-level positions. Live large and comfortably. If this appeals to you, give a career in JavaScript a shot today.

2. Data Analysts and Scientists

Some people have often termed data as the new “oil” of the world. There’s no hiding that access to certain data decides how further businesses get with insights and learnings, and there’s always need for people to interpret it. Data analysts and scientists, like the name suggests, analyze data but the latter receives advanced training.

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3. AI and Machine Learning Specialists

One of the biggest and recent achievements in the domain of computer programming is what we today call artificial intelligence. However, work on it has only just begun. AI will be used more and more as years pass by and automation takes over in our professional and even personal lives.

4. Big Data Specialists

Big data specialists oversee the conversion of data and information on paper into electronic data systems. They’re in charge of handling enormous amounts of data that is also growing exponentially with time, which can’t be dealt with by using traditional data management systems and tools.

5. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists

One of the two non-IT in demand jobs to make it to the list is digital marketing, which usually entails putting together creative campaigns to reach out to and market to audience targeted across digital platforms to sell certain products and services.

6. Process Automation Specialists

Have you wondered how some organizations flawlessly execute sending emails upon signing up, making a payment or performing similar functions on websites and apps? That’s done by specialists who automate business operations like these.

7. Business Development Specialists

Business development is about identifying new business opportunities and partnerships for business growth and success. Their core communication and sales skills will especially be depended on in the future to get deals made between businesses, the same function as in the past.

8. Internet of Things Specialists

IoT specialists create networks between physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software and various technologies. What they do allows you to control things like your bedroom’s air conditioner temperature via your phone… when you’re at work.

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9. Digital Transformation Specialists

Companies and organizations around the world are fast adapting to and employing digital technologies for their business operations. And digital transformation specialists help businesses set these changes into motion to expand beyond their current capabilities.

10. Information Security Analysts

In this day and age there is tons of information being exchanged online, thus creating an increased demand for cybersecurity among organizations everywhere. As information moves online even more, analysts will be higher in demand to implement security measures.

This might be great news for techies, but it also has some downsides

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Source: World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report 2020 / Coursera

Several jobs will be at risk or displaced by 2025. As a result, a “Reskilling Revolution” across economies is crucial – so that people can come up to speed with skill gaps. The report notes that by 2025 almost 40% of workers’ core skills are expected to change. Moreover, 50% of employees around the world will be needing reskilling of some kind to be eligible for the labor market and its changing needs. So the question at this point becomes, are you prepared for the future?

One of the reasons the idea of Airschool came about was to make up for the need for skills through experienced, quality skill-providers that youth, professionals, and employers will be requiring to power ahead into the future.

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