How To Improve Your Confidence To Record Course Videos

Does the fear of slipping your tongue or saying something inappropriate haunt you as you record course videos? If yes, it is...

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Does the fear of slipping your tongue or saying something inappropriate haunt you as you record course videos? If yes, it is normal. If you are an expert in a domain and have thought about delivering an online course, you might’ve got nervous. Be assured, it’s normal. Read on how to ward off the jitters and fears. πŸ‘‡


Despite most of us having access to videos and watching them, many of us get a bit shy when it comes to recording them. Not everyone is confident while by nature, but confidence is SUPER important if you want a future in course creation.

πŸ‘‰ Counter this problem with these 8 tips and record course videos confidently:

1. Plan video content in advance πŸ“…

The first and foremost step after convincing yourself to record course videos, of course, is planning content. But why is it important? The words and phrases you choose to communicate matter a lot in recording videos.

A simple and jargon-less course video is much better than one full of filler words and sounds like um, uh, like, you know, etc. Such sounds and words give an impression that you are unprepared or perhaps inadequate. Therefore, planning the content of a video saves you from getting lost and minimizes errors.

πŸ’š You can read the full GUIDE on planning and recording course videos here πŸ’š

2. Record in private πŸŽ₯

Recording alone has benefits of its own. This doesn’t completely have to do with privacy though. There are two main reasons why recording alone is beneficial. Firstly, a lot of people have apprehensions of their own. When surrounded by people, they can’t be their truest selves. In that case, recording privately helps.

The other reason is to get improved sound quality. Even if someone sneezes around you and the mic catches it, which it most likely will, it gives off an unprofessional feel. So, keep it classy.

3. Divide video duration 🎰

If you are just starting out, recording a thirty-minute long course video, for instance, can be time-taking and honestly, quite frustrating too. Plus, when you intend to record a 30-minute course video in one go, you can potentially ruin the planning and the content.

The safest way is to break the video into modules and record one module at a time. It will give you a sense of achievement and confidence as you record a snippet. Additionally, it will help in the organization of the course.

4. Work on the introduction πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

A good introduction works as a first impression. Course creators usually give ample time to designing good introductions, both visuals-wise and communication-wise.

Why does an introduction need to be given extra attention when the meaty portion lies only after it? Well, while creating a course a solid introduction can instantly make a connection with the audience. This is great as you move forward with the course video.

5. Avoid fumbling πŸ€”

Fumbling takes place due to lack of practice. It can negatively impact your course videos. However, the good thing is that it can be easily avoided.

Turn your planned content into a script and repeat it multiple times either in the mirror or by recording the audio so that when you finally get to record course videos, you don’t fumble. You can also try tongue twisters for a better flow of words. 

6. Get motivated πŸ’―

To record course videos, it is important that you are feeling energetic, super motivated and pumped. And there are various ways to get yourself boosted up. You can treat yourself to a fancy meal or listen to your favorite rock band to warm up and channel that energy in the video.

Anything that gets you psyched up before pressing that record button, you should do that. This way the audience sees a happy, lively person and not someone who looks bored, uninterested and unbothered.

7. Feel good to look good πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

When you record course videos, you are alone; the audience can neither see you nor smell you. This serves as a great excuse for you to not get dressed up and look dorky. However, part of being your truest selves includes looking and smelling good.

Therefore, when you get to record course videos, wear your favorite shirt, your most-liked perfume and look professional. Don’t be too professional though i.e. wear a formal suit. Just keep it simple and smart.

8. Just do it βœ…

Lastly, accepting the fact that you will make mistakes recording your first-course video is important because it is going to be worth it. So put your fears aside and hit the record button on your camera.

Once you shoot and upload your course videos for the world to see, know that it will be an achievement on its own. Also know that you will feel the importance of your decision when you have earned a substantial profit by selling your first course. It will take time but if not now, when? Take a chance, check Airschool out πŸ‘‡

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