Why Freelancers Prefer Fiverr Over Other Platforms

Fiverr as a platform has gained considerable popularity among many professionals and students alike. The dynamics of the service industry, particularly concerned...

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Fiverr as a platform has gained considerable popularity among many professionals and students alike. The dynamics of the service industry, particularly concerned with freelance and on-demand work, are rapidly changing. The biggest platform in this industry is none other than Fiverr.

“Fiverr is the platform that polished my technical skills along with communication, it taught me how to deal with different people from different countries. The best platform to both earn and learn.”

Moiz Sharif, Admin – Pakistan Freelancers, Facebook
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According to several sources, the popular freelancing platform is known to have 2-4 million active users at the moment. Let’s look at a few reasons as to why Fiverr is preferred among beginners compared to other platforms such as Upwork or

1. A great platform for both starters and professionals

Fiverr started as a freelance network offering buyers to hire a freelancer to complete projects for $5. This gives freshies the opportunity to at least make base pay while starting out. This deal is still available for many starting out and providing their services. Other platforms such as Upwork have increased barriers to entry and tougher competition. This doesn’t allow new and fresh freelancers to start with small projects and polish their skills.

2. Fiverr encourages diverse skill sets

Fiver is a platform that holds unparalleled space for diverse skill sets instead of just focusing and highlighting the most common ones. You can choose to do endless tasks on Fiverr. If you are a content writer with interest in illustration, you can take projects for both. Each has their own specific interests and skills that they are good at.

3. The market is huge

The freelance market has grown extensively due to its ease and convenience. Whether you’re a fresh freelancer, or an expert working your way through the gig economy, it suits both. Fiverr is a secure place in terms of finding new and appropriate opportunities faster than you’d expect. It is easy to provide services and get reviewed on how you perform.

4. Secure and convenient payments

Many creators and technical freelancers choose Fiverr due to its secure payment procedures. Payments are conducted on the platform and go through vetting and checks. Ultimately, sellers end up being paid securely with little room to complain. In contrast, Upwork is said to be notorious for not guaranteeing safe payments or a regular customer service to deal with late payments and frauds.

5. Fiverr has a simple feedback process

It is easier to find work as a seller. Similarly, as a buyer, it is easier to find people to do your work. The ranking and certification system on each profile makes the service and feedback process easy for both sides. These reviews build up your credibility in that space, through which more people can discover and reach you. The interconnectedness of these different features makes the platform trustworthy and effective for freelancers. This is why more and more people are opting in to freelance full time now.

Fiverr connects businesses of all sizes with skilled freelancers. It offers digital services in more than 400 categories, across 8 verticals including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video and animation. It builds people from the base up, creating a network of exchange that helps people become self-sustained and grow.

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