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Programming Course for Students Worldwide announced

Airschool has announced a 5-week course on computer programming to help students not only in getting good grades in programming subject but...

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Airschool has announced a 5-week course on computer programming to help students not only in getting good grades in programming subject but also kickstart their career in coding.

As a part of its online education initiative, Airschool has launched a course on this very subject named “Become a Programmer.” This course is a stepping stone into the world of programming covering all concepts of coding from beginner to expert level. The concepts will be taught using C++ but the learners will be able to learn any language themselves after taking the course.

About the course

Programming is a skill that comes in handy to any professional these days but because of being a respectable and lucrative job, a number of students are choosing it as a career option. More often than not, students feel overwhelmed by programming concepts as they start learning. This course not only helps you get a good grade in your programming subject but also spike your interest in the career and help you pursue it easily.

The course starts from the very basic definition of an algorithm and works on logic-building skills of the students. In the subsequent weeks, the basic concepts of coding like control structures, loops, arrays, and more will e discussed in detail. These will be used to develop programs to further strengthen the concepts of logic. The course summarizes all the concepts with a live game designing assignment in the last week. n short, even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, you would come out as an experienced coder from this course.

It is a five-week course with live-streamed classes on four days of the week so that you can easily take it up part-time. Additional perks include practice exercises, useful resources for inspiration, guest lectures from people with hands-on market experience, and networking opportunities through a dedicated Slack community for the participants.

About the instructor

Sarfraz Raza is a computer scientist. He has over 12 years of experience in teaching theoretical computer science courses including Data Structures, Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Introduction to Programming. He has done his research masters in computer science at the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS) and is a graduate of FAST-NU, Lahore. He has done research in I/O Algorithms at the MAssive Data ALGOrithms (MADALGO) group at Aarhus University, Denmark.

How can you enrol?

The course has limited seats available that are being booked every minute so don’t waste another minute! If you want to start earning online today and get a sense of independence, reserve your spot today for this life-time opportunity!

Along with this course, Airschool has also announced the following other courses for students and professionals:

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  2. Become a Facebook Marketing Pro
  3. Learn Calculus with GeoGebra
  4. Become a Content Creator
  5. IELTS preparation for Beginner Level
  6. IELTS preparation for Advanced Level
  7. Building your Digital Business on

What is Airschool?

Airschool is a platform bridging the gap between learners and experts by providing tools for scheduling and conducting live sessions. Experts can easily sign-up on the platform and conduct paid sessions to teach the most in-demand skills of this century. The marketing, payments, live-streaming, and analytics of the sessions can all be handled right from their dashboard.

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