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Course on Content Creation Announced

Airschool has announced a 30-day course on Content Creation to teach students the art of content creation and building a userbase or...

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Airschool has announced a 30-day course on Content Creation to teach students the art of content creation and building a userbase or portfolio to earn online or be hired by a company.

As a part of its online education initiative, the course is launched with the name “Become a Content Creator.” The course takes participants from identifying the niche that is suitable for their career and life goals to creating media kits to freelance for online customers or pitching to media companies and businesses. The course is also helpful to those trying to build a fan base on social media platforms.

About the course

A social media influencer is a real job today and we have seen success stories of many individuals that started posting their content on social media and became popular eventually landing a good job or getting into the showbiz industry. This course is best for both as it teaches the basics of organically growing your reach and creating media kits to work in the field.

Not only does this course teach you the tips and tricks of making yourself famous through marketing but also tells you how to stand out in a world full of influencers. The course takes a big start with helping you identify and create profiles on the social media sites best for your identified skills and with that introduce you to the crucial skills needed to maintain a successful page i.e. graphic designing and video editing. It has meaningful exercises and assignments that will give that are sure to make you work on your skills.

It is a four-week course with live-streamed classes on the weekends so that you can easily take it up part-time. Additional perks include practice exercises, useful resources for inspiration, guest lectures from people with hands-on market experience, and networking opportunities through a dedicated Slack community for the participants.

About the instructor

Saman Hayat is a dentist turned full-time content creator and traveller from Karachi. Saman currently boasts a following of more than 30K on Instagram and uses it as a tool to express her individuality, passions, food, travelling experiences and also earns a livelihood through that. She is experienced in social media marketing, content calendar creation, and the tactics of creating content that attracts both audiences and hiring managers.

How can you enrol?

The course has limited seats available that are being booked every minute so don’t waste another minute! If you want to start creating content to become famous or land a job, reserve your spot today for this life-time opportunity!

Along with this course, Airschool has also announced the following other courses for students and professionals:

  1. Become a Freelancer
  2. Become a Facebook Marketing Pro
  3. Learn Calculus with GeoGebra
  4. Become a Content Creator
  5. Become a Programmer
  6. IELTS preparation for Beginner Level
  7. IELTS preparation for Advanced Level

What is Airschool?

Airschool is a platform bridging the gap between learners and experts by providing tools for scheduling and conducting live sessions. Experts can easily sign-up on the platform and conduct paid sessions to teach the most in-demand skills of this century. The marketing, payments, live-streaming, and analytics of the sessions can all be handled right from their dashboard.

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