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Why you need personal branding as a course creator

Personal branding has never been more important for digital creators than it is today. Whether you work as an online course creator...

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Personal branding has never been more important for digital creators than it is today. Whether you work as an online course creator or CEO, personal branding is what truly makes you unique in business.

What is personal branding?

To break down the concept, think of it this way; when we go shopping for say, a shampoo, we end up picking the one that belongs to a popular brand with impressive ad campaigns. Most times we end up selecting a product we’ve never used before simply based on how its perceived value. Such is the power of personal branding, it makes you trust prior to product use.

The perception we have of something or someone is, in fact, a result of branding; from how we advertise a product to how we conduct ourselves in front of others – all of it is branding.

Why is personal branding a must-have for course creators?

Similarly, domain experts launch their courses online. Their courses are the products and they are the brand. In order to fight competition, it simply isn’t enough to have just a good course. You need to impress as well, and here’s how you can.

1. Builds a narrative 🧱

Narrative refers to a wider idea or understanding of something. This is what shapes the audience’s perception of you. Add your origin story and pictures to your profile. Personalize your brand. Let people know what you are about and make them relate.

Narrative building allows for your brand to be humanized. People are more likely to trust in you as a result.

2. Features your work πŸ“°

Having a personal brand identity allows you to stand out, and you become easier to locate for people. As the media is in a constant search of accomplished persons to talk about and publish, your brand is more likely to get featured on social media, magazines, and publications, etc.

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3. Sets your goals 🎯

Personal branding acts as an outline for your goals and helps you efficiently achieve them. It impacts and works as a guiding factor for the kind of content you create, audience you target, and gives you a lead in order to achieve better and bigger things.

4. Provides a great networking opportunity 🀝🏽

By making yourself more accessible, you enable learners as well as other entrepreneurs to connect with you meaningfully. It helps people to see value in engaging with your brand as they will know what your work is about. At the same time, it makes it easier for like-minded people to collaborate with you.

5. Elevates your perceived value πŸ“ˆ

Personal branding is all about learners’ perception of you as an expert. How you are in real life doesn’t necessarily replicate online. By adding testimonials and reviews to your brand page, you allow people to have an understanding of your skills. Good reviews make them hold you in high regard. This superb marketing tactic helps elevate your perceived value in the eyes of your audience.

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6. Provides professional security πŸ”

Essentially, personal branding enables you to rise above your competition. Your brand creates a unique place for your courses that make them indispensable. In the case of cut-throat competition and or shake-up due to algorithms, personal branding provides professional security. Regardless of changing dynamics, your brand will remain relevant and your audiences will always find their way to you.

The age-old metaphor – never judge a book by its cover – does not apply in the brand world. People will take your social and physical presence to evaluate your course value.

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