Grow your passive income with the Airschool Affiliate Program

Airschool has recently launched the Airschool Affiliate Program to help out existing experts and course creators on the platform make more money....

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airschool affiliate program

Airschool has recently launched the Airschool Affiliate Program to help out existing experts and course creators on the platform make more money.

Among the increasing number of features being introduced to the platform, the Airschool Affiliate Program enables you to make commission on each sale of your fellow expert’s course, provided you have invited them to the platform.

airschool affiliate program
Easy Affiliate

Let’s quickly get into it. πŸŽ‰

What’s in it for the involved parties?

One of the biggest benefits of the affiliate program is that existing Airschool experts can make money on someone else’ course sales as they sleep.

The referrer, or the expert who invites another expert to come join Airschool, ends up grabbing a flat 5% commission on the revenue earned on each sale of the referred expert’s course.

That’s major. You could invite unlimited experts, scale, and reap the benefits for an entire year. πŸ”₯

For the referred, if not already signed up to Airschool, they get a free tool equipped with analytics, course setup, discount vouchers, etc to launch their courses online.

How the Airschool Affiliate Program works

Once you join as an expert, enter your dashboard at Airschool. In the menu you can follow “Invite Experts & Earn” for your unique invitation URL that can be used to invite more experts to the platform. Once your invited expert joins and starts selling their courses, you start making money too.

The best way to invite experts would be to look for your friends who have subject matter expertise and if they launch their courses, they can bring sizeable revenues too.

airschool affiliate program

πŸ”— Expert invite link

When you access your expert account, in the menu you will find various options among which one says Invite Experts & Earn. You have to click on it. On this page, you will find a unique link with a referral code. This link needs to be used by referred experts to launch their courses.

Other than copy and pasting, you could also share directly to Facebook, Twitter. Or to make matters a little more formal share it via Email.

πŸ’° Break down earnings

Let’s say you invited an expert, they launch a course and it starts selling. Now what?

The referred expert, who owns the course/s, keeps 80% of the earnings on the sales. Then 15% commission goes to Airschool for service charges and transaction fees. The remaining 5% goes directly to you in your wallet.

Once in your wallet, with your bank account already linked, you can withdraw your earnings at any point of time.

πŸ“… It lasts for ONE full year

You will continue to make a commission from every invited expert’s sale from the time of joining till exactly one year.

πŸš€ No ceilings

There is no limit to how many experts you can invite to Airschool. You should, however, note that each expert you invite may not be able to make the high sales. This could be due to the fact that they don’t have a community yet to sell to, or maybe their course idea is weak.

Expert invites should be strategic and prioritize quality experts who will be able to sell. That’s the only way you’re going to be able to make money in the program.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Here’s a quick calculation for you

Course price πŸ‘‰ $15
Avg. courses sold (in a month) πŸ‘‰ 40

πŸ’° Monthly total revenue: $600

πŸ• Your share at 5% per course sale (in a month): $30

That’s $30 per month for just inviting a fellow expert to a new platform. No social media posting, no course creation, no selling to people.

Invite an expert today!

Airschool Affiliate Program makes it so easy for existing experts to earn passively, while also earning with their own courses. This is your time to shine! Use your social circle, identify more and more people you’d think would excel on the platform and invite them.

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