5 Methods of Online Teaching to Get the Best Out of Students

There is no doubt that the sudden shift to online teaching has been extremely difficult. The pandemic has not only been a...

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There is no doubt that the sudden shift to online teaching has been extremely difficult. The pandemic has not only been a challenge, in terms of the global workforce, it has also cost millions an entire year of learning and gaining. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, about 1.2 billion students from 186 countries were affected.

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While the idea of online teaching is not novel, not many have had an experience with it. At this stage, instructors are experimenting with different ways to bring the best out of students.

And in that spirit, here are 5 ways instructors can improve their online teaching methods 👇

1. Prioritize Weekly Modules 📅

A brief list of the aims and objectives for a course matter. Setting a weekly module, therefore, will prove to be beneficial for the students to keep track of upcoming activities.

One of the benefits of sharing weekly modules with the students is that you are helping them to plan their weekly timetable, accordingly. In case of missing a class or two, the students will know how to catch up on stuff. This makes things easier for both the teacher and the students, along with reducing anxiety levels.

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2. Plan Better, Visual Content 🎰

Online learning can be monotonous. Students today don’t have enough attention span. And if the lecture is too theoretical, you will see them zone out in a jiffy. Is there a way to make it better? Fortunately, yes. Better content is the solution to this underlying problem.

Prepare creative slides, add memes in your presentation. And if need be, better record a video of you doing a TikTok challenge to share a laugh. The bottom line is: make the content as digestible and as palatable as you can. Doing this will initiate engagement and participation from students.

Remember: the easier a student feels, the better the response. You do not have to be too hard on the students.

3. Promote Design Learning 🌼

One aspect of teaching that has recently changed significantly is the mode of instruction. The new pedagogy, design-based learning, works on an inquiry-based form of learning. Design-based learning is a framework that supports learning choices as in, when, where and how to teach, what learning strategies to use, etc.

The idea of design-based learning gained momentum not-so long ago but online teaching methods are where this needs to be executed the most. The purpose of it is that you craft the experience of what you are teaching to yield the best outcomes out of the audience – the students in this case.

Airschool acknowledges the importance of design learning. Therefore, courses on platform are more centered and focused on hands-on experience and positive outcomes.

4. Create a Brave Space 💪

There are two types of spaces – safe space and brave space. A safe space is where there is absolutely no judgment on someone based on their identity or experiences. A brave space, on contrary, promotes dialogue. In a brave space you can agree, disagree, agree to disagree or have a neutral opinion on things.

In an online mode of learning, the creation of a brave space matters a lot. You don’t want just those 2-3 already uplifted students to carry on the class discussions and participate. Establish an environment where one is free to question, have doubts or unpopular opinions without the fear of being judged and called old-school, outdated or too modern.

5. Ask for Feedback 🙏

Feedback in in-person classes is usually treated as a formality. In online teaching environments, however, feedback is immensely significant. Asking for an honest feedback will not only help the students put forward their concerns and problems, it will also help you know what needs to be improved to give the best online learning experience to the students.

For instance, Airschool take student feedback very seriously. Reviews are of immense significance when it comes to improving services. Therefore, feedback forms are circulated following courses asking students to be as honest as they can.


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These are some ways that you can use to get the most out of students. All the expert instructors at Airschool make sure they give the best virtual learning environment to the students enrolled in their courses. If you have an audience you can sell a course to online, then today’s the day you create a course using Airschool. 🎉 Hop onboard!

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