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7 different MetaMask networks and how to use them

MetaMask is among the most popular crypto wallets in the Ethereum blockchain. You can get MetaMask wallet to your mobile phone or...

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MetaMask is among the most popular crypto wallets in the Ethereum blockchain. You can get MetaMask wallet to your mobile phone or access it from your web browser. Once you start using it, you can work with any of the built-in MetaMask networks on it.

However, it is better if you have a good understanding of the different networks before you start using any network on the wallet. Because that way you’ll know what exactly to expect.

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Without further ado,

Here’s a list of different MetaMask networks available:

1. Ethereum Main Network – Ethereum Mainnet

Ethereum Mainnet is the biggest Ethereum EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Network available as of now. The initial concept of it came out in July 2015. You may call it as a completely open source distributed computing platform based on Blockchain. It offers smart contract functionality along with the operating system. Ethereum Main Network supports Hyperledger Besu, Nethermind, Parity, Geth, and many more.

2. Polygon Network MetaMask

polygon metamask networks

You may call Polygon as a scalable solution available exclusively for public blockchain. When you take a look at the different Ethereum network MetaMask options, you will notice that Polygon holds a prominent place.

Polygon is based upon an adapted implementation of the Plasma Framework. Along with Polygon network MetaMask, you will be able to gain support for all Ethereum tooling available. On top of that, you can also experience cheaper and faster transactions.

There are multiple methods available for you to deploy smart contracts with Polygon. For example, you can do it with Hardhat, Truffle, Remix, and Alchemy.

  • Network Name: Polygon
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 137
  • Currency Symbol: MATIC
  • Block Explorer URL:

3. Rinkeby Network MetaMask

Rinkeby: Network Dashboard metamask networks

Rinkeby is a perfect example for an Ethereum test network. You will be able to do testing of Blockchain developments with Rinkeby before you go ahead and deploy them on the main Ethereum Network, Mainnet.

Rinkeby came out back in April 2017. This test network is using the Clique PoA consensus protocol. As of now, Geth developer team is responsible for maintaining Rinkeby network MetaMask.

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4. Avalanche Network MetaMask

Avalanche Network

Avalanche network is a platform that you can use to create customized blockchain networks. You may also use it for creating decentralized applications or dApps. Ava Labs is the creator of Avalanche Network. One of the greatest things about Avalanche Network is its stability. In fact, it supports a very high transaction throughput, which is equivalent to around 4,500 transactions per second.

Avalanche network has its native coin named AVAX. AVAX coin has a maximum supply cap of 720 million.

One of the best things about Avalanche is that it has a unique decentralized finance ecosystem (DeFi ecosystem). You will also be able to see how numerous DeFi projects based on Ethereum are integrated along with this platform. TrueUSD, Securitize, SushiSwap, and bZx are to name a few.

On the other hand, Avalanche continues to develop a bridge, which people can use to access Ethereum network MetaMask. This will provide a hassle-free channel to proceed with transferring assets in between two networks.

  • Network Name: Avalanche Network
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 43114
  • Currency Symbol: AVAX
  • Block Explorer URL:

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5. Kovan Network MetaMask

Kovan Testnet metamask networks

Kovan is another Ethereum test network. You will be able to test Ethereum developments on Kovan, before you release them to the main Ethereum network, or Mainnet. Kovan came out in March 2017. It is a highly stable test network and was named after the one of the metro stations in Singapore.

6. Goerli Network MetaMask

Görli Testnet · GitHub

Goerli is an Ethereum based test network as well. You may use Goerli to test all your Blockchain developments and validate them, before you release them to the main Ethereum network, or Mainnet.

Goerli originated in March 2019. When you deep dive and take a look at Goerli, you will notice that it is based upon the Clique Consensus Mechanism. Afri Schoedon and Chinsafe initially proposed this.

As of now, Goerli Community maintains the Goerli Network MetaMask. It offers support to Hyperledger Besu, Nethermind, Parity, and Geth. Most people prefer to use Goerli for testing their Blockchain developments. That’s because Goerli offers an increased network size.

Moreover, it also provides numerous types of clients and additional nodes.

7. Ropsten Network MetaMask

You may use Ropsten Network MetaMask for evaluating your Blockchain developments and validate them before releasing to the Ethereum Main Network. When you take a look at the history of Ropsten, you will notice that it is the successor of Morden, which is the very first test network on Ethereum.

In fact, Ropsten is offering its platform since November 2016. However, it went through a cyber-attack from February 2017 to March 2017.

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Ropsten network supports Hyperledger Besu, Nethermind, Parity, and Geth. Some people say that Ropsten is not the most stable test network. For example, there have been slowness issues back in the day. However, things have improved a lot in the recent past. Therefore, you may proceed with using Ropsten if you want.

Final words

Now you know what the different Ethereum MetaMask networks are. You have the freedom to add and switch to any of these MetaMask networks. If you want additional information on how to do it, you may go through our article on how to add MetaMask network and switch MetaMask network.

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