How To Leave Your Job For Full Time Freelancing

There are many reasons as to why more and more people are preferring full time freelancing above traditional full time roles. The...

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full time freelancing

There are many reasons as to why more and more people are preferring full time freelancing above traditional full time roles. The flexibility, control, authority over the work you do, your working hours, and the people you work with are among the main pros of freelancing.

More than 35% of the entire global workforce consists of freelancers and 75% of that number says they wouldn’t trade freelancing with any other type of job. Platforms like Fiverr are experiencing an abundance of sign ups, so if you’re thinking about making the shift, good on you. However, there’s a difference between doing it sometimes vs. doing it everyday.

full time freelancing

Which is why if you’re planning to leave a full time job for freelancing, here are a few factors to consider before:

Don’t immediately quit your job

Despite everyone’s repetitive raving about how freelancing has changed their lives for good, you need to take your own self into account. You need to determine if you can sustain your full-time job as you start freelancing.

Establishing yourself as a freelancer requires good self-belief, communication, and marketing skills, and a valuable network of people, and most importantly, time. Your freelancing career will take a while to kick off, so try to keep it on the back burner. Pull the plug out only when you’re sure it will pay your bills.

Figure out your top skills

Freelancing as a career option is more open and flexible for experimentation. You can learn and develop your skills as you go, there are courses available for every digital job from designing, blog writing, to developing over the internet. And the structure of freelance websites and platforms allows you to work your way up from basics to expert level. Identify your best skills, and run with them.

Set up an online presence

For you to be able to manage full-time freelancing, you have to have a website or social media profile that readily and recurrently gets updated with your work. This helps your personal brand growth, and allows you to expand your network. It allows clients to get to know you at the click of a button. You become instantly trustworthy, depending on how you maintain your website/social accounts and market yourself.

Establish your rates according to your skill level

This is no revelation that you need to set your rates according to your service and the demand for that service in the market. But many people tend to undersell themselves because they’re afraid of the impact of refusing work on their future projects.

Your service is unique to what you are providing and no one else can provide it exactly the way you do so have the confidence in your own skills and rate yourself according to that. This doesn’t mean you don’t leave room for negotiation but just that you understand the worth of your work, time, and energy that goes into that work. 

Prepare for negative reviews

Lastly, if you want to sustain a full time freelancing career, you need to be one with the negative reviews you get. Remember that your work and the response you get on that isn’t personal. Sometimes, especially in freelancing related jobs, it gets difficult to differentiate. But it’s all part of how things work and you need to develop a tough and practical mindset to be able to thrive in when full time freelancing, especially.

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And that’s it. The above steps can help you start freelancing and gradually move towards doing it full time. In the end, it all depends upon your person and how you would like to go about your process of leaving your routine and going towards a lifestyle that requires you to be more flexible and develop personal discipline.

Written by Fizza Ghanchi
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