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10 easy ways to increase your course sales

If you have launched a new course with the right pricing on Airschool and seeing a dip in sales after the initial...

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If you have launched a new course with the right pricing on Airschool and seeing a dip in sales after the initial launch weeks. Don’t worry, it’s common and 90% of the experts see a decline in sales after the first week of launch. It is because the noise starts to settle down after a while & sometimes you stop hustling to get sales. Successful course creators have smart sales strategies in place to get sales while they sleep. 

Let’s talk about your case. For example, you, the expert, did a lot of activities for the course launch; you created a special video, did a live webinar, shared on social media and asked your friends, family and followers to support you. It worked out really well but now you are not doing any of these things but still are expecting the same sales.

Worry not, today, I will give you some quick and easy ideas to help drive conversions to your course and maintain the sales cycle without a lot of input from you.

1. Social Media is your 💸🐮

Social media presents a big opportunity with good returns. It is your cash cow! Use it to your advantage.

If you are a YouTuber

  1. Go back to all of your videos and update the first fold of description with your course link. The first fold means content description that is shown to video viewers without clicking the expand button. 
  2. Make a small 15 sec sales pitch for your course and add it to the end of previous and upcoming videos. 
  3. Give links to your course at key points of your videos.
  4. Update social links of your YouTube and add your course landing page.
Mention Course Link in YouTube Video Description

If you are on Instagram/TikTok

  1. Use linktree and update your bio with links to your course.
  2. Create one story & one post a week sharing feedback/reviews or testimonials of your students & give people a call to action to purchase your course.
  3. Go live with your student and take live feedback on what they liked about your course and how it was helpful. Feedback/Reviews are an AMAZING way to get conversions.

If you are on Facebook/LinkedIn

  1. Optimize your profiles for your course
  2. Share your course link on your profile & in relevant groups.
  3. Engage with people or do an AMA to drive traffic to your course.

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2. Reach out to Contacts

Yes, Email addresses are like digital money. Go to your email account and find contacts who will be interested in your course or they might know someone interested in taking your course. Write them a very thoughtful note to help you reach the relevant audience. For example,

Hey Sinwan, How have you been? Since you are interested in Digital Marketing. I wanted to tell you that I have created an exclusive course on the same subject.

The course covers Advanced Facebook Marketing, Google Ads Marketing and Analytics. I’d love to see you taking my course & giving your feedback. You are one of the few people I am reaching to share my new course. 

Below is the link. Do let me know if you have questions:

See you on the other side. 🙂

Take care!

Your friend,


Also, think of unique ways to capture email addresses of the people who will be interested in your course. I will discuss one such unique way in the next heading.

3. Run a Webinar

Running an invite-only webinar is a sure way to not only capture emails but to get sales for your course. First let’s talk about the logistics:

  1. Plan a 1 hour live webinar with Zoom. 
  2. Create a Google form and ask your followers to sign up
  3. Invite the registrants
  4. Record your webinar
  5. At the end, give a special discount to all participants.
  6. Be sure to send an email with a discount offer too.
  7. Now you have a recorded 1 hour webinar, automate it using tools like and run it automatically every week.
  8. Every week you will have new registrations and every week you will get sales.

And what will be the content of the webinar? Well, this is very important. Make sure you are talking about the subject you are teaching in your course.

Educate people about its importance, have some guests, give some free templates. In short, you have to make your audience excited, happy and they should feel they have learned a lot. So that when you give them a discount offer, it’s hard for them to resist.

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4. Special Discounts for FnF

I already shared how you can reach out to every email in your contact list. Well, you can take it to the next level by giving them a special discount. Here is how it will look like.

Hey Sinwan, How have you been? Since you are interested in Digital Marketing, I wanted to tell you that I have created an exclusive course on the same subject.

The course covers Advanced Facebook Marketing, Google Ads Marketing and Analytics. I’d love to see you taking my course & leaving valuable feedback. Hence, I am giving a special discount of 25% to my friends and family. Here you can enroll for the course and while checking out use the code ‘friendsforever’ to get a 25% flat discount.

See you on the other side. 🙂

Take care!

Your friend


5. Run retargeting campaigns

At Airschool, we give you an option to attach Google ads and Facebook Pixel code to your courses. Just add your codes to your course and you can start your paid campaigns. But, don’t just burn all the money on ads. A good rule would be spend 15% to 30% of your course revenues on Ads to drive more sales.

When you are setting up campaigns have a minimal budget to test the waters and see what is working. Once you have established and tested your ads, add more budget to it.

Go through this video if you want to optimize Facebook Ads.

6. Take reviews

Reviews are super important. If you already have students, ask them to give you reviews and feedback. You can use this feedback as a social proof of the quality of the course. This will help your followers, or prospects make a decision and purchase your course. Real and genuine feedback can help you double up your organic sales.

7. Ask learners to share certificates on social profile

Once a student has taken and completed a course. They are automatically awarded a certificate of completion at Airschool. Ask these learners to share the certificates on their LinkedIn profiles, share on their social media, tag your profiles or share links to your course, etc. It will help you get traffic and get conversions.

8. Do Collaborations with other influencers and give discounts

This is the easiest way to break into a new audience. If you know people with sizable communities, do live collaborations with them. Give Interviews, go live on YouTube, Instagram with them. Do recorded video collaborations and ask them to give you a shout out for your courses.

9. Mention in your profiles, email signatures etc

Mention your new course in your email signatures, your profile bios, etc. In short, any platform you are using, just don’t forget to optimize your profile with mention of the course. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs leading to your course wherever you go. 

10. Ask your friends to give you a shoutout

Last but not the least. Use your friends and their social network. Ask them to write short notes about your course on their social media. The network effect will be very helpful in broadening your reach and visibility.

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Written by Fatima Rizwan
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