How to prepare for IELTS?

Preparing for IELTS may not look so easy for many, therefore, we introduce to you some ways to prepare for IELTS to...

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IELTS, the world’s most popular English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration, is a tough exam to take for many learners. A lot of persistence, study, time and practice goes into preparing for the IELTS exam. Therefore, we present to you five possible ways to prepare for IELTS from start till end.


Books are a great source of knowledge for test preparations. You keep on learning from them daily page by page until you reach the point where you are confident in saying you have learned everything you need to know for the test. Now there are tons of books for IELTS preparation. The British Council itself has published books on it. There are also some popular book brands publishing books for this purpose, for example, Barron, which provides you with manuals, CDs, etc. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is also very popular and commonly used among students. Which book you need to choose depends upon your liking. All books are good for practice as long as you keep following them and referring to them daily. The key is to remain consistent in preparation.


Apps are a great way to have quick and easy access to practice lessons and material. They are personalized, user-friendly, interactive, and easy-to-access on your phone. They also keep reminding you to practice in case you forget. They are a smart way to keep in touch with your preparation material. Preparation for IELTS from IELTS learning apps are a great place to start your preparation for free. There are plenty of apps to assist you in IELTS preparation. You can find the list of top five apps for IELTS on our website.


The internet is a great source for learning and accessing free material in general. There are plenty of websites just on IELTS preparation. To assist you in your search for the greatest websites, we have introduced to you the top five websites for IELTS preparation that will guide you in achieving your target band score. 

Online Courses

Online preparation is the need of the time, but more so now because COVID-19 has halted means of education. There are many online preparation courses on IELTS, but you will find the most personalized and tailor-made online courses for you on our own Airschool website. You can read more about these courses on our article for the best online IELTS preparation course to find why you need to avail this opportunity and apply for our online preparation course. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a live-streaming course, and unlike pre-recorded ones, which are available in huge numbers on the internet, these regular live classes will answer all your questions and queries live and assist you in achieving your target band score with guaranteed success. There are two courses currently available and you can start by joining either of them depending on if you are a complete beginner or if you have some basic proficiency in English language.

Coaching Centers

Coaching centers are another way of preparing for IELTS. There are some perks to it, e.g, face-to-face classes, but you can have that now through online live courses as well. Coaching center is least of my recommendation because it costs a lot and the current times of pandemic do not allow us to study in classes the way we once used to. They are really unnecessarily expensive. The material they teach you can easily be found online. Instead, enroll yourself in one of these online courses for the same personalized learning experience for less at the comfort of your home.


IELTS measures the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work in countries where English is used as a language of communication. Though your existing proficiency in English matters when preparing for IELTS, e.g. if you often listen to the English news, and read books and novels in English, you are already a step ahead. But if you’re a beginner, worry not, because there is tons of online and offline material available for you, just as we mentioned above. Though it may take you more time to learn and practice, comparatively speaking, but as long as you are determined and persistent, believe me, you can ace any test.

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