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How to market your sessions?

You have set up your profile and you’re ready to conduct your first session, but how do you get the right audience?...

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You have set up your profile and you’re ready to conduct your first session, but how do you get the right audience? The answer is one word – marketing. Marketing your session is the key to increasing your paid participants. Today I will share with you the best ways to spread the word about your sessions and gather participants.

Reach out to influencers in your field

What could be better for marketing than the people who your potential learners are already following? This is why it is extremely important that you research and make a list of professionals who are famous in your field.

Write a personalized note to them asking to share your sessions with their followers for more outreach. Tell them what you plan to teach in the session and why your sessions are best suited for their audience. Influencers are famous because they share quality content so make sure to tell them the value you are providing and they will be more likely to spread the word.

You can send an email to them with the personalized note or send them a message on any of their social media profiles. It is also a good strategy to tag them in your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter posts so they have something ready to share and retweet for their followers.

Share sessions in relevant Facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great place to find like-minded and share your sessions with them. Based on the niche of your session, you can shortlist 3 to 4 Facebook Groups to get your session promoted.

Join these groups and interact with the community there so when you tell them about something you are teaching, they know it’s worth listening to. Comment on people’s posts and share high-quality content that tells people about your expertise and interests.

When posting about your sessions, be sure to make the audience a priority. Write the post content with a “What’s in it for them” approach. Instead of saying ”I am teaching this”, say “Learn this by joining the session.” This way your community will see the value you are providing to them and will be happier to join.

Share sessions on Twitter

Identify a number of popular hashtags which are relevant to your session and add them to the tweet. This way people searching for relevant topics are more likely to find your session.

Also, include a graphic which clearly shows the price and the timings of your session with an attractive tagline in your tweet. After making a tweet, ask your close friends to retweet it as they will most probably have people of similar interests who will like to learn.

Time your tweets according to your audience’s active hours. If they are office workers, they are more likely to check their tweets while commuting, in the lunch break, or after their work hours. If they are teenagers, 6 pm to 9 pm is the best time.

Share sessions in Reddit communities

Reddit is known as the front page of the internet for a reason. It is a great place to reach an audience from all over the world. When going for sharing your sessions on Reddit, make sure to join the subreddits Digital Marketing and AskMarketing for great resources on Reddit marketing.

Search for subreddits or communities discussing your field or area of expertise and share your session’s link there. Like Facebook, it is important for you to have a strong community presence before sharing your session to get attention. Also, make sure to read the rules before posting so you don’t get banned or your post doesn’t get deleted.

Writing posts for Reddit has to be entirely different than all other social media platforms. The audience here is always looking for something extremely knowledgeable presented in a humorous and engaging tone. If you give them that, your subscriptions will definitely increase.

Share sessions on Instagram

The number one thing you should do when going for Instagram marketing is switching your current profile to a professional account. This gives you access to a number of built-in marketing tools like Instagram Insights and promoted posts. You can also add links to your stories and a  contact button on your profile so people can directly reach you.

Even if you don’t go for paid advertisement, a professional account can help you see if you are followed by the right people and you can alter your content accordingly.

After you are a professional, post visually appealing poster/pictures about your session. Instagram doesn’t let you post links in post captions without paying so you can put links in your bio and write “Subscription link in bio” on every post. Or you can use third-party apps to make the link in caption clickable.

Stories are another great way to reach your potential learners. You can easily add links to your stories to take followers to your session page directly.

Share sessions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is your professional network and these days the organic reach of a LinkedIn post even rivals that of Twitter with proper hashtags being used. You can create a post telling the reasons why people need to attend your session, highlighting them point-wise and linking the different hashtags below the post content or in the comment section.

Secondly, you can also tag influencers you know or popular LinkedIn users in the comment section to share your post. These should be thought leaders or popular users in the same industry who you personally know so that you can increase engagement on your post. 

Tip: LinkedIn is a great way to find experts in your field. Just search for the position or field name on the site and you will get a number of people working in that domain. You can judge their popularity by seeing their connections on the platform.

Build a mailing list

Talking about mails, do you know that email marketing provides the best ROI compared to all other marketing channels? This is why sharing your session to your mailing list is extremely crucial.

Find your contacts in Gmail or Outlook and group them based on their fields and interests so when you schedule a session, you have a list ready to share it with. You should also add your previous attendees or your friends that you know are interested in the subject to the groups. The best way to find interested people is to share an offer on social media requiring an email address, this way you automatically have the people who want to listen.

Whenever you schedule a session, write the name of the relevant group in the bcc of your mail recipients and write an email clearly defining the goal of your session and a call to action in form of a joining link.

Gmail now gives you the ability to campaign your emails too. You can track the open rate for your mail and also send a follow-up mail to those who opened and a second mail to those who didn’t.

🎁 Bonus Point:
Display profile link in social media bios and email signature

After posting your session on your social media profiles, add your session link to your bios everywhere, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, so when people view your profile, they instantly find it there.

And your email signature would be another great place to display it too. Your profile link should also be there in the website or link section of social media profiles and in your email signature as the ultimate goal is to increase your followers on Plutwo.

Got another idea but not sure if it will work or not? Feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Written by Tehreem Farooqi
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