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How to Kickstart a Tech Career Without a Tech Degree

People ask a lot of questions on the internet, which are more often strange but sometimes thought provoking. One trending question nowadays...

Written by Sinwan Zahid · 2 min read >
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People ask a lot of questions on the internet, which are more often strange but sometimes thought provoking. One trending question nowadays is around the possibility of starting a tech career without a tech degree. So we thought, why not answer it and put the confusion to rest?

There’s no hiding that the future looks very bright for techies, or people with tech skills. Everyone is talking about it, organizations are reporting on it, and the present is enough proof that digital transformation is happening.

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As a result, not only are business operations changing but new jobs are forming, carving out a high demand for tech professionals who, by the way, are earning a lot. Therefore, it’s only natural that job-seekers are now more inclined to up their tech skills, even those who aren’t necessarily from a tech background.

First things first, is formal education required? 👩‍🎓

No, you don’t necessarily need a university degree. Big corporations and organizations have denounced the university-degree myth. Google, Apple, IBM, even Facebook are now actively hiring employees without formal degrees. Forward thinking companies around the world too are now following suit, by focusing on skill and competence rather than educational credentials.

To further cement this claim, a study including 100,000 US-based developers was done in 2018, and the findings stated that 22% of them never completed a formal degree. The majority portion of the sample was working full-time. So that sums it up. If you have the skills for it, you’re sorted. ✔ Now let’s find out how we can make your tech career happen.

Study online with experts 👨‍🏫

To begin with, the tech job market has hundreds of jobs to offer. You can become a data analyst or scientist, a web developer, a cybersecurity analyst – the options are plenty. What you need to do is decide which tech career path to take. This can be determined by an internet search and asking yourself an honest question about what appealed to you the most.

Once you’ve selected a career path, determine your skill level. Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses exist everywhere to arm you with the skills you require and prepare you to eventually compete in the tech job market. Take the blended learning route, allowing you to to interact with a course instructor and class – only thing is – it happens online. And where better to look for in-demand courses than Airschool? In fact, we have two course up for grabs!

1. Intro to Modern Data Analytics taught by Maaz Imran, Head of Data Analytics & BI @ HelloFreshGO

2. Introduction to JavaScript by Awais Kamran, Development Team Lead at Zameen.com

Studying your courses at Airschool gives you the advantage of learning, grasping concepts in your own language. That is, if you reside in Pakistan or India you will learn in Urdu/Hindi. Moreover, you get to learn with the top 1% domain experts in the country.

When you’ve learnt something, get certified ✅

The global market now gives a lot of importance to certification. Yes, sometimes more than degrees. It does matter how recent and valid they are, but certifications act as independent endorsements to show that you have all the necessary skills and are freshly qualified for the job, especially for advanced roles. The tests that lead to one gaining certifications focus on technical procedures and software and can be taken by anyone. Some certifications, however, can be expensive like the Cisco Certified Architect (CCAr) which costs $15,000.

Still, some of the highest-paying jobs around the world are centered around tech professionals getting specific certifications. Like the Google Certified Professional (GCP) Cloud Architect, for which salary averages at $175,761 per year. 🔥

Lastly, wing it and develop projects 👩‍💻

If you’re naturally curious, you might’ve already dabbled in code. A lot of successful developers today started from scratch. They knew nothing and worked their way up the ladders of the hierarchy. How? By doing voluntary work, and also by interning with people achieving major stuff and shadowing them. They felt that they learnt best this way.

Being hands-on with your learning doesn’t only reinforce all the concepts for you. Rather it provides a spectacular opportunity to showcase your projects and walk recruiters through as an example of your tech development skills. This strategy doesn’t work for everyone, though, and beginners – unless extremely passionate – fail to take this on.

Conclusion: the best route to take is to try all three: study online, develop projects and get certifications if need be. It won’t be long before you are proficient in your skills and score a job in the fast-paced world of technology, without a degree!

Written by Sinwan Zahid
Sinwan is managing content and socials at Airschool. She has a built-in viral content ticker in her head so naturally she lives for all things content and storytelling. Profile

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