How Can I Become a Graphic Designer From Scratch?

There are several ways to become a graphic designer in this day and age. One of them is taking the traditional route...

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There are several ways to become a graphic designer in this day and age. One of them is taking the traditional route i.e. going to college/university and spending 4 years learning history, theory, and application. The other, a much more convenient, quick and affordable way – DIY! Do it yourself, folks.

Before we get into that, let’s look at the need for design and job prospects.

The need for design πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨

Communication when selling, pitching something is extremely important. If you’re not able to convey your message the correct way, there’s no use doing it at all.

And graphic design is a crucial aspect of brand communication. It helps to visually cement a brand image, tone, message with one design. It’s about tapping into human psychology and making something that leaves a lasting impact on consumers.

Job prospects πŸ’Ό

If you become a graphic designer, especially with a focus on digital marketing, you don’t need to worry much. Like all other jobs related to digital careers, graphic designers are in high-demand in traditional full-time roles, as well as flexible freelancing roles.

Many individuals are realizing the demand and high scope for design, and switching to graphic design. If you’re one of them, read how to become a graphic designer (a very good one, too) below:

1. Build your skills

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This is the obvious first step if you want to become a graphic designer. As mentioned before, it’s not necessary for you to attend a traditional program. There are a variety of resources on the internet you can use. In fact, to save your time and money, we would recommend online. Some people choose to learn on YouTube for free. But a more popular option among learners is paid online learning because unlike YouTube, there is support involved.

For often small fees, you can get access to a properly put together guide to kickstart your designing journey. These online lessons can be recorded (one-way) or live (two-way), depending on your preferences. However, they’re mostly recorded and the live sessions usually cost a lot more. πŸ€”

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across your ideas won’t get you anywhere.

Lee Iacocca

πŸ‘‰ Some of the things to look out for in this courses is the instructor profile, whether or not it will make you proficient in design software and help you hone your practical skills. Some courses could also be specific, like for web design, some for print, some for digital media. So make sure you’re sure of that before enrolling in a course. At Airschool we have a super popular Graphic Design for Digital Media course by YouTuber sensation Rajeev Mehta. Check it out here:

2. Find yourself some internships

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Internships are great if you have no prior experience but want to make a mark for yourself in an industry. If you don’t directly jump into freelancing, which is a good option and there are plenty of niches to choose from in design, then do an internship. This will help you establish it as a career path accepted by traditional job givers. πŸš€

Once you’re done with an internship, not only will you have a portfolio to show but professional and practical experience to talk about in job interviews. Internships can also help you get into design communities and networks, that’s always helpful. Moreover, if you’re searching for internships, LinkedIn and relevant Facebook groups are great places to start from. πŸ’ͺ

3. Create a kickass portfolio

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Whether or not you do an internship, it is vital that you have a portfolio to show. More than degrees and certificates, portfolios matter in the realm of design. How? They show who you are and how far you are in your skill. πŸ‘€

If you don’t have anything to show, how will you be judged? Having a great portfolio to show can increase your chances of prospective clients/employers hiring you. Allow your aesthetic, your taste to be expressed through your creations – make sure you have several formats to show like ads for digital media, print, logos, company leaflets, and so on.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

Milton Glaser

Nowadays designers publish their work on their own websites, you can also make your own portfolio website and send links to anyone considering you for work. πŸ˜‰

4. Stay on trend

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To be a good designer, it is important to keep experimenting and moving along with the times. Design changes, rather it evolves, and people tend to engage (commercially and artistically) with design that is current. πŸ™ˆ

Every day there software is being updated or newer software is being introduced into the market. Keep updating your skills on them, especially on the leading ones, so you can apply your skills wherever the need may be. It also doesn’t hurt to expand and diversify your skill set and learn related skills like illustration, motion graphics and the likes.

And that’s it, future graphic designers! This is all you need to know about how to become a graphic designer in this day and age. Start your learning journey today and enter an exciting world of creativity! 🎨 Don’t forget to check the courses up on Airschool for help.

Written by Sinwan Zahid
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