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Learning Data Analytics Skills Can Lead to These 8 High-Paying Jobs

Data is everything in today’s world but without data analytics skills to study it, data is nothing. It drives so much of...

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data analytics skills

Data is everything in today’s world but without data analytics skills to study it, data is nothing. It drives so much of the everyday behavior of not just humans but entire organizations. Studying it requires skills, expertise and foresight. Professionals who extract valuable information from an insane amount of data do not come cheap. Yes. Entry-level salaries can go as high as $100,000 annually.

learn data analytics skills

That being said, a wide range of jobs in the market make use data analytics skills. Some jobs primarily focus on analyzing data, while for some it plays a secondary role. Here are 8 high-paying jobs you can acquire if you are well versed with data analytics skills. Without further ado, let’s jump in:

1. Business Analyst

Taking a deep dive into the core of a business’ needs, requirements, and responsibilities, a business analyst analyzes data before making informed decisions to solve business challenges as they unfold. Facing roadblocks in the way of the work is part of any business, but business analysts make roadblocks easier to deal with by providing data driven decisions. An important aspect of this job, also, is communication skills. In order to collaborate with key team members and come up with optimal solutions, soft skills come in very handy.

2. Operations Analyst

Internal business operations and its workings are handled within this position generally. Professionals look into different aspects of operations, from manufacturing to the paperwork, and the reporting of several internal tasks. This is a position that has varied tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, pay scale depends entirely upon the firm and whether or not candidates are required to possess data analytics skills. If, however, the job does require handling data, then it most likely will be a high-paying one.

3. Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for a team’s growth and function. They usually work on identifying optimum solutions to improve procedures and make them more valuable. Project managers make use of analytics and business performance tools to keep track of a team and business progress. Moreover, they study productivity trends and enforce improvements for teams and the business.

4. Digital Marketer

Apart from looking after microscopic details such as social content, blog writing, SEO, ad campaigns, a digital marketer’s job increasingly involves more insight-based positioning. In order to do this, several analytics tools are employed and findings from them make their way into strategy. In the job market, digital marketers who have a know-how of data analytics tools are preferred more. While not in abundance, they are rewarded extremely well.

5. Data Scientist

With some key features of a data scientist overlapping with any data analyst, the main tasks of any data scientist involve making the data analysts better equipped to do their job. They use and utilize data to discover better models and methods of work for the analysts. They are also far more qualified and senior, possessing higher academic degrees in IT and Science.

6. Data Analyst

The key and basic job after acquiring data analytics skills is that of a data analyst. Data analysts analyze information collected, visualize them to provide actionable recommendations and future predictions. Programming and SQL skills are some of the basics required from data analysts. Both data analysts and scientists are high in demand and will continue to be. This high demand also qualifies them for super high earnings.

7. Sales Analyst

Sales analysts go through market data to identify and determine the best steps to increase revenues and market share of companies. They track and use customer footfall metrics, competitor sales and strategies, distributors and channels. These factors help also help them identify where the market is going forward and what methods to use. For tackling with a position that requires great knowledge and expertise, sales analysts are rewarded equally well.

8. Transportation Logistics Specialist

Supply chain is a very important part of a company and such positions usually pay a lot. Transportation logistics specialists study data and determine the best possible transportation routes for their logistics. Rather than going randomly, companies have started looking to employ such specialists for their superior analytical skills. Possession of these skills lead a business to get the goods delivered cost and time effectively.

Essentially, data analytics is good for people who don’t shy away from working with numbers. The best part is you don’t necessarily need to have an IT background to learn these skills. You can learn skills online.

Data analytics is a path heavy on the technical and collaborative front, but for people looking to dive into a current and future important skill and earn good money, it’s a good path to take.

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