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This week we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Airschool Course Analytics. 🥳 The engineering team at Airschool is on a roll!...

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airschool course analytics tool for recorded courses

This week we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Airschool Course Analytics. 🥳 The engineering team at Airschool is on a roll! They’ve been rolling out major updates and features every week at Airschool, like our webinars, so kudos to them on the hard work and job well done, team!

As for our users, there’s more to try out, are you excited? Let’s give you more context. Now you can easily see how your self-paced (recorded) courses are performing. Airschool Course Analytics will give you an insight into how people are watching, viewing, & engaging with your courses. Moreover, you’ll also get a one-click reminder button to give a slight push to slackers to complete their course.

airschool course analytics tool for recorded, self paced courses
Airschool Course Analytics

Nip the issue in the bud

Having access to course analytics empowers experts onboard Airschool to see and review where certain problems lie. Let’s say if Lecture 1 and 2 of your course have a high completion rate but Lecture 3’s number’s are abysmal, you will know there’s at least something you should fix. However, don’t panic too much if video completion rates fall one by one, most learners tend to drop off towards the end.

The analytics tool will give you the number of hours your course is watched, its engagement rate, the total number of comments it has received, a number for all the times it has been played, and lastly your average course completion rate.

Let your learners share their thoughts

With Airschool Course Analytics, now you will also be able to see comments on course videos left by your learners. For when you don’t know what you have to fix in your course, you might get lucky as to a learner leaving some feedback. But it doesn’t always have to be about a problem – your learners can express their complete admiration of how effortlessly you explained something to them. As an expert on Airschool, you have complete control of the comments on your videos – they can only be visible once you approve them. Once approved, they are visible to all your paid learners.

At the push of a button

The completion rate in self-paced (recorded) courses is much lower than that of a live, cohort-based course. But paid self-paced courses still have a higher completion rate as compared to massive open online courses or MOOCs which are free and stand at below 15%.

With Airschool Course Analytics you will now be able to see the rate of completion for each paid learner. And next to that percentage will be the shiny button course creators everywhere should have, which would be to give them a nudge, a ping, a push, a reminder to complete their course. This will go a long way in ensuring that your paid learners get the full value of the course they purchased.

😍 Are you excited to see how Airschool Course Analytics can enable and empower your online course?

First you’ve gotta launch a course, so what do you say to that?

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