Build solid sales leads with Airshool Webinars

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Airschool Webinars feature in our experts dashboard. Airschool Webinars are meant to provide...

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Build solid sales leads with Airshool Webinars

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Airschool Webinars feature in our experts dashboard. Airschool Webinars are meant to provide experts on the platform the ability to create and schedule webinars right out of their dashboards.

In an effort to provide users a powerful, all-in-one-tool for course creation, Airschool Webinars are the latest of several additions. Now you can schedule free, live webinars to set in motion a strong sales funnel for your knowledge sharing business. One of the best aspects of Airschool Webinars is that your data, once collected, will always stay with you.

now create free airschool webinars before you actively start selling your online courses.
View of the create page. Now create free webinars next to recorded or live courses.

Live webinars for prospective customers engagement

Successful experts and course creators have been employing webinars as a part of their sales and marketing strategy for a while now. Webinars are typically used as education and information devices for prospective customers who have entered a business’ sales funnels.

There is a chance prospective customers may or may not qualify for the next stage, and it’s better to filter them out at the right stage than later on. If not filtered out, they could end up wasting your time and efforts, and moreover, give you a false idea of how many people are interested in buying your product.

To make matters easier for you, creating a webinar on Airschool is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

All you need to have is a title, a tagline, an attractive cover photo, Zoom and Pixel links and an available time and date. Then press publish, or even safe as a draft if you have changes or additions to make. The tool allows you to make edits even if the webinar is published.

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airschool webinars create page
Create a webinar page

Allow your expertise and personality to shine

Webinars must be part of your pre-sales strategy. We encourage you to engage with leads using Airschool Webinars. Your leads have probably been following you so far for the insight and expertise you have to offer, how can you get them to be more interested?

Once you’ve created your webinar, get the word out on your social media profiles. Invite communities. connections, and old email lists to sign up. As an email list keeps building in your dashboard, get the conversation started on emails before the webinar. Write engaging emails around your webinar subject. Welcome questions and send engaging reminders so that your audience shows up.

Once at the webinar, answer the same questions and understand pain points to further improve your outreach efforts. Make the experience one which attendees don’t forget. Make an impression, prove your worth and build loyalty. ✨

Get in touch with your leads after the webinar has ended

When the webinar is over, your customer engagement efforts don’t stop there. Use the data in your dashboard to track leads, filter attendees, and do follow ups.

It is important that you post them an offer after the webinar – you could pre-release your course for the attendees, or launch altogether and provide a discount code – the opportunities are endless once you’ve convinced the audience of your subject knowledge in real-time with Airschool Webinars.

🙋‍♀️ So are you ready to launch your very first free, live webinar with Airschool Webinars?

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