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Facebook Marketing – A Detailed Introduction

Digital marketing has become one of the greatest sources of advertising today. The success of this relies greatly on finding the platform...

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Facebook Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the greatest sources of advertising today. The success of this relies greatly on finding the platform that provides you with the greatest customer engagement. With approximately 1.69 billion users, Facebook has become one of the most popular platforms for digital marketing.  

In fact, the importance of Facebook is reflected by the fact that Facebook marketing has emerged as a new field. This post will guide you through what Facebook marketing exactly is, how to develop a strategy for that, the tools, and will elaborate on more relevant information.  

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing refers to using a Facebook page as a means of marketing. The page acts as a means of communication with customers, allowing the businesses to interact with existing customers, and attract more customers. 

Steps to follow:

  1. Create a Facebook page:
    Personal accounts on Facebook are referred to as profiles, whereas business accounts need to be created as pages. The business page is created through a personal account, however, personal information does not appear.
    In order to connect with a business profile, you need to like the page and become a follower or a fan. 
    When making a page, you can choose from the two page categories:
    i)  Business or Brand
    ii) Community or Public Figure
  1. Add a Picture:
    The next step is to add a profile picture. Although optional, it is highly recommended to add one since it serves as your brand identity. The picture needs to be professional, most likely your company’s logo.
    Next, you have to add your cover photo. It is a horizontal picture that appears at the top of the page. You can add a textual image here or an abstract one. The objective is to keep the cover picture simple, yet catchy. 

  2. Add Information:
    Your next step should be to edit your “About” information. Here you can add a brief description of your business, the contact details including website address, email, phone number, narrate your business story, and more. 
  1. Create a Username:
    It is important to choose a relevant username that appears professional and represents your business. Most often the name of the business/brand is itself used as the username.
    It is important to note that this name will be used in the URL of the business page as well.

How to develop a Facebook marketing strategy?

With such a huge amount of audience available on Facebook, its role in marketing a business is massive. 

With such great potential, there are proper strategies that need to be devised. The following are some tools and tips that can help in devising the strategy.

Tools for making a Strategy

Apart from the general steps to follow, Facebook has devised some important tools to complement its marketing facility. 

Facebook Shop

You can also create a Facebook shop. There is the option to add a “Shop” tab on your page. Here you can add images and videos of your product. This way, the page would help draw sales in addition to just recognition. For detailed steps, you can visit Facebook’s official guidelines

Page Insights

Another important tactic that can be employed is looking into the “Page Insights.” Here, Facebook would provide you with the data regarding when your page’s followers are most active. This way, you can post your latest updates and new products when the users are most active, enabling the greatest reach.    

Facebook Ads

It is another very important and increasingly popular tool. The key is to use a brief yet catchy description and a captivating picture. The Facebook ads come in the form of picture ads, video ads, carousel ads, and lead ads. Additionally, Facebook also allows running ads on basis of Behavioral Targeting, Demographic Targeting, and Interest Targeting. 

Facebook ads are considered to be economical by most people; a business can calculate the conversion per payment and can decide the relevance of Facebook ads for them accordingly. The Facebook pixels help track the actions on your website as a result of the paid ad campaign. Basically, it will help you evaluate conversions, evaluate your targeting campaigns, and give information/insight (used there) about the users visiting your website.   

Tips for Successful Marketing:

Have a Goal in mind:

It is highly important that a business has a goal in their mind. On the basis of the goal, the marketing strategy would be devised which would then direct the entire marketing campaign.
Without a goal, the marketing strategy cannot be created, and the campaign would turn out to be meaningless.

Be Regular:

On social media platforms, it is important to maintain regular engagement with your customers. This helps increase the following and creates loyalty.
It is, therefore, crucial not to keep your page unattended for too long. Otherwise, the followers may simply forget about it considering the intense amount of competition on Facebook.    

Respond Quickly:

If someone posts a comment on your post, or a review or feedback on your page, be quick to reply. Moreover, aim to sound professional, yet friendly and polite. This customer interaction is a part of building your brand image.

Promote your Facebook Page:

It is important that you add the link to your Facebook page on other mediums through which you interact with customers. For example, your email signature, the official website, business card, newsletter, and other mediums.
This way those who visit the page are likely to visit the website as well. Hence, helping direct audiences to the Facebook page and increase the exposure of your Facebook marketing campaign.    

Posting tactics:

There are some posting tactics that tend to draw greater attention than others.
Posting questions brings greater response and more engagement from the audience. Also, using emoji in your posts for example tends to draw greater attention.

Facebook Marketing Advertisements  

On Facebook, paid advertisements can be broken down into three categories:

Campaigns: At the campaign level, you chose what you want people to see in your Ad. 
Ads set: Groups of ads, where each group targets a particular audience. 
Ads: Individual ads on Facebook. 

Facebook Ads are well designed to allow an affordable marketing campaign to be carried. There are two editor choices offered when creating a Facebook ad: Ad Manager and Power Editor. While Ad Manager is used more widely, the Power Editor is useful for businesses that want more precise control over their campaigns. 

After that, Facebook requires you to choose an objective for your marketing strategy: awareness, conversion, or consideration.

Following this is the option to choose the target audience (mention their interests, age, demographics, or any relevant information), and then finally your budget options. 

Providing such facilities for Facebook Ads increases the confidence of a business to use Facebook as a part of their marketing campaign. Because not only does it allow one to customize their campaigns but also increases the reliability that the message will reach the required audience. 


Many businesses believe that their marketing campaign remains incomplete without an official Facebook page. In other words, Facebook marketing has become close to a necessity. 

In situations like these, with almost every competitor trying to make the most of these features, enroll in our Facebook Marketing course to equip yourself with the expertise required to stand out in the crowd!  

Written by Masooma Asif
Syeda Masooma Asif is an undergraduate student at LUMS. With an Economics major, Masooma is deeply passionate about research in developmental economics aiming to provide consultancy services for the challenges faced by the less-developed economies. She also shares a passion for content writing, and through writing articles for Airschool she aims to contribute towards providing accessible education for all regardless of geographical or social disparities. Profile

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