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Email marketing tips for your online course business

Email marketing is a soft-sell approach that helps you advertise your online courses and business effectively. Engage with your customers and update...

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Email marketing is a soft-sell approach that helps you advertise your online courses and business effectively. Engage with your customers and update them about new launches via emails inexpensively.

Since everybody has an email ID nowadays, this allows for an expansive outreach. Connect with hundreds of people at a click of a button. It also provides a greater return on investment (ROI). A study says that the average ROI for email marketing is 122%. It means that people are more likely to respond to emails than other forms of digital adverts. Isn’t that amazing! πŸŽ‰

How to use email marketing for online courses?πŸ€”

Before you start sending out your emails, keep these things in mind in order to stay organized. Begin with the end in mind. Once you are aware of your targets, you can easily achieve them.

Spread the word on social media about your course business, prior to sending emails. That way people will know you are not phishing. Most importantly, and it goes without saying, BUILD AN EMAIL LIST using social media.

email marketing for online courses

πŸ‘‡ 6 foolproof email marketing tips

Without further ado, let’s come to how email marketing can help boost your online courses and business. It’s pretty simple, especially if you follow the steps below:

1. Keep a direct approach ☝

Address the purpose of your email head-on. No need for aimless wordplay – it is both distracting and boring. Moreover, a lot of people open their emails on their phones and lengthy emails can make them lose interest.

Keep your sentences short and paragraphs concise, consisting of no more than 2-3 sentences. Take my word, no one likes to read extensive emails.

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2. Grab attention with catchy subjects❗❗❗

Write short but engaging subject lines. An attractive subject line can prop up your email in a dizzying inbox. Try to be simple yet impressive while addressing the purpose. How do you stand out among a crowd? Be conversational, create a sense of urgency, sound human, and add emojis to spice up the words.

3. Humanize your emails πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»

Virtual communication can often become robotic and can make it exceptionally hard to connect with customers. Just think of how many times you have moved emails to spam because they sounded too computerized.

Avoid such a fate by personalizing yours! Mention your name in different areas of the email i.e. the sender username, introductory greeting, signing off. People tend to pay more attention to and trust messages sent with actual names than generic ones.

Think of your audience as your friends when typing the email. Talk in a casual and first-person tone. By adding these little touches you can humanize your content and hold peoples’ attention for longer.

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4. Attach a well designed CTA button πŸ”˜

This step is the last link in the email marketing funnel. A call-to-action button is what redirects the audience to your landing page. Make sure it is big and clear enough to catch peoples’ eyes to persuade them to perform an intended action. Highlight it with a bright color, and don’t forget to hyperlink it. Make it near impossible for people to resist clicking on that CTA πŸ˜‰.

5. Be mindful of the click-through rate ⏲

Remember that the purpose of email marketing isn’t just to send out emails but to make people respond to them. It is not sufficient to have a decent open rate. Rather, your focus should be on getting a high β€˜click-through rate’ i.e. the number of people being led to your landing page.

How you optimize time can positively impact your email click-through rate. Find out when your audience is the most interactive and target them accordingly.

We all know from our personal experience that people are more likely to check their emails in the morning than at any other time. Schedule your emails accordingly, chances are more people will actively respond and follow the CTAs.

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6. Start a newsletter πŸ“°

Newsletters are the best way to keep your audience informed about exciting deals, discounts, or general updates. You can use them to share course progress or promote testimonials to assure your prospects of customer satisfaction.

A great tip is to create your newsletters around specific themes and make an exclusive subscribers’ list. This way, you can effectively target separate groups of people according to their desired interests. Not only will they engage more but the exclusive subscribers’ list will make them feel prioritized. I mean, who doesn’t love a special treatment? πŸ˜‡

Well, this was my little take on email marketing tips that you can use to grow your online course business. Why don’t you try them out and get back to us with your experience?

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