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How these creators have made over $100,000 by launching online courses

This article will feature 6 talented individuals creating successful online courses for their audiences and learners in 2021. In the past decade,...

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This article will feature 6 talented individuals creating successful online courses for their audiences and learners in 2021.

In the past decade, the internet has paved the way for never-been-seen before jobs and businesses to come into existence. What started as a playground for entertainment around several niches has quickly transformed into a money-churning machine for the smart, the talented and the experienced.

Out of this playground came independent content creators, curators, community builders across platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and now even TikTok, who relied on their audiences directly to make revenue.

Several of them went from ordinary people to famed millionaires, inspiring millions of their fans to dream of pursuing the same professions, and became success stories in the eyes of many.

ali abdaal steff lau amy porterfield matt kohn katie kimball danielle leslie are creating successful online courses in 2021
With their authority and building a unique brand around themselves, several digital creators realized there were ways other than ad revenue and brand sponsorships to earn money.

A YouTuber started teaching his audience how to start and grow their YouTube channel, a famous wedding photographer started giving out masterclasses to his photography enthusiasts, and in the course charged a fee.

⏮ In the past, many expert individuals around the world have embarked upon the journey of creating online courses, live or recorded, to share what they knew.

⏩ In the present, they have built million dollar empires in only a matter of time – by finding their course-market fit, creating kickass learning outcomes, expertly marketing those courses to their target audiences. If you want a piece of the pie, see how these

6 experts and course creators are easily making upwards of $100,000💰💯

1. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield has a rumored net worth of $13 million. That’s right. While reaching that point took consistency and effort, it really shows the opportunity there is in creating successful online courses. She has built her audience from scratch through several organic and paid strategies, and continues to do so.

Her niche is online marketing, within which she trains and provides the tools for other online course creators to succeed. She runs the Digital Course Academy, a 12-week course with a $1,997 fee tag attached, and let’s just say she is not short of participants. Moreover, she also does courses on email list building.

2. Ali Abdaal

Being a YouTuber and podcaster, Ali Abdaal was able to strategically diversify his income streams, one of which is online courses. He is known to create content around productivity and leading healthier live for his audience. He monetized his talent by uploading his courses to Skillshare. According to Entrepreneurs Handbook, his 7 courses on Skillshare have brought him in a combined $475,700. Wowza. 😲

In 2020, he self-published his part-time YouTuber Academy course, teaching his students how to grow and earn through YouTube. In that year he made $371,046 from this course priced at $1495 for the essential package, up to $4995 for the premium package.

3. Katie Kimball

Katie Kimball created the Kids Cook Real Food online course, which was wildly popular all over the world. The recorded, video course promotes healthy cooking, creativity and problem-solving, by handing the baton to kids themselves! And it has been a hit with concerned families looking to promote healthier eating habits in these unhealthy times.

The plans start for kids as little as 3 years old. She’s mentioned that she went from earning $24,000/y to $53,000 in a week by starting Kids Cook Real Food. Let’s term that remarkable success then, for Katie and those kids, shall we? 🥳

4. Stef Lau

Much like Amy Porterfield, Stef Lau is in the business of teaching course creators how to create and market their online courses. She’s called the Coach’s Coach, which has a nice ring to it, but also perfectly states her role in preparing course creators. She’s able to accomplish this through her Course Creation Champion program.

But that isn’t her only course. She’s been creating successful online courses for a while now, an example of which is a personal development Mindvalley course she created which made total sales of $2,000,000. That’s massive.

By now you’re probably wondering if online course coaches are a theme. And let me assure you, they are. While a lot of people have expert-level skills, coaches like Amy and Stef teach how to market and sell them.

5. Matt Kohn

Next up, we have Matt Kohn. Matt Kohn of Different Hunger is an example of the student who sat and listened in class. A lot of online course creation courses talk about how to sell your course before it’s even launched. Pre-selling, as the name goes, is a process through which a product or service is sold before it exists or has gone live.

Matt took that advice and pre-sold his course for $30,000 before he even created his first lesson. He took his time to reach out to his target audience – freelancers who had plateaued in their careers – and have conversations around their pain points and struggles. This allowed him to get to know his audience deeply and to charge a premium i.e. a $3,000 price tag.

6. Danielle Leslie

Much like Stef and Amy, Danielle Leslie is a course creation training powerhouse. Before starting her own course, she worked at Udemy, thus had a working knowledge of the industry and knew there was a gap.

From the time she started out to now, she has grown her business to $14 million. During her pioneering Course from Scratch program, she made $1 million just in the first two years. WOW. She’s produced course creators who are now creating successful online courses and making millions.

As you can tell, the trend of creating successful online courses is a frequent happening in the west. Many have tried and succeeded, or even failed.

However, there is more of it to be seen in the eastern hemisphere, which is not short of talent, skills and experiences to give out. It will definitely pick up pace as course creation tools are made affordable and available, like for instance, Airschool – which doesn’t have a subscription model, rather a commission-based model making it less costly to set up and run.

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